Proud of our Offense

Wish we could have played just one lick of Defense. That’s all it would have taken. We can still have a very good season. We have a heckuva QB and some budding young stars at RB and WR. It will depend on this Defense really stepping up.

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676 total yards and didn’t win

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I bet we’ve never won a game in which we gave up 52 in regulation. We came 3 yards away from doing it.

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Proud of O responding. Not sure what happened to D. Got to keep recruiting and get two deep on both sides. Proud of coaches doing so much with some smoke and mirrors. Got to love the program heart we are seeing after program was left for dead a few years ago. Nice effort today

I feel the same way about defense. What happened? Tackling was awful.

I need some help here.

Talk to me about injuries in our secondary and their status:

Catalon still nursing a shoulder injury
Gordon (GT) hasn’t played yet
Slusher just got back
Bush…didn’t play today but might not be an injury

I’ve seen Clark, Bishop, and Brown burned way too much. But, I don’t see a lot of field-ready options.

Whatever the status, our DBs have been less the playmakers than last year. But, until UGA they didn’t have to be playmakers. Appears UGA exposed the 3-2 front and we will need to fix that going forward as OM had a lot of success neutralizing the front.

Yeah and he will get better that’s what is really exciting.I’m sure he wished he could go back and throw the slant to Thompson early on the game bc he would have walked in the EZ and we ended up settling for FG.

He has a bright future if he can get a little more accurate on throws like that,I think is afraid of the ball being batted down on those slants and why he throws to high,but just a guess on my part…

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Jefferson will be back Corral wont.

We’ve never lost scoring 50+ until today. Even in the megaovertime games.

Good post, Bush. The defense could not have played much worse. Was it our scheme or just lack of talent or mistake after mistake?

At some point we are at going to have to decide Barry Odom is not beneath criticism. He had a horrific game against Mizzou last year, and then this disaster of a game. I know we don’t have a talent we need to have, necessarily, but these 50+ point games really are kind of troubling.

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I didn’t hear many plays by the defensive line. Was it the scheme that neutralized them?

I’m not sure that Barry Odom had much to do with the play of the defense, unless you want to fault his not having gotten the guys fired up. Admittingly not knowing a lot about football, it still seemed to me that the guys might be a little gun shy from the loss last week. They sure didn’t seem to have the swagger, gang tackling, etc. that we saw in the first four games.

3 man front has definitely run its course. Offenses have adjusted. Just concerned that given our personnel this is our best option. Gashed again for some huge running plays, and lack of a pass rush is disappointing. If we don’t find some answers, it will be another long day vs. Bo Nix and the tigers.

Was concerned our secondary would be exposed today. It surely was. Corral is a top notch QB but we simply got beat badly on several plays. Disappointing we don’t have field-ready options. I thought we had recently recruited well in that area.

I just watched a replay of the two-point try. AJ Green was open at the 1 and could have scored but he wasn’t looking for the ball.

Fourth highest total offense in school history, by the way, 42 yards more than our motorocycle riding genius ever managed in a game.


If KJ got the ball to Green it wouldn’t have mattered with the penalty. Probably would have triggered the kicking team. And we’d probably still be sitting here watching OT with scores approaching 100, lol.

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Great point. On Odom, doesn’t he coach cornerbacks? If so, Buster Brown really got burned by the double move at least twice today. I know that is a tough position to play, but I sure thought our CBs are better than this.

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Sam Carter is the cornerback coach. Odom coaches safeties.

To try to summarize what the TV announcers said, Kiffen had seen our 3 man DL last year and then had to face other 3 men DLs. So, he went to the drawing board and schemed against it–had a whole year to study and defeat it. Basically, he saw the areas we could not get to and ran his RBs into those areas.

I figured through the year Odom would change his scheme according to his opponent, but I wonder if the defense today wasn’t the exact same as it has been for our last five or six games? If so, we have a tough road ahead of us for our remaining schedule.