Proud of my hogs

What a year! Before anyone gets negative look at what this team accomplished. Huge improvement from last year and was able to do this after losing 2 starting pitchers to injury early in the year.
There are freshmen that have played well along as some upper class men. We will miss the seniors and juniors that leave.
The changes made to the staff made an impact. Wes Johnson has made an immediate impact to the pitching stafff.
Man oh man did the team hit the long ball.
I would like to see the K 's by our hitters go down. Next year we will have a salty team. Good year and glad I watched and followed them. Proud of our Hogs.

yes I am too,never expected this team to be this good.were a break or two away from being even better.

Yep, great season for the baseball Hogs. Especially coming off that ugly season last year. This was a fun team to watch. Home runs in bunches. Tons of strikeouts from the pitching staff. Too bad we got nipped by a very good MO State team, but it’s so tough to have to play and win that extra game. I’ve never been a huge baseball fan, but this team made you want to watch or listen to every game you could. Congratulations to DVH and a really gutty team of Razorbacks!

We were a couple of injured pitchers away from a top 5 program this year. We had the offense, we had some of the pitching, but a bit more quality pitching depth would have changed the season.

Yep. My feelings exactly.