Proud Maryam; name and game?

First of all, how do you pronounce her name? First and last. Secondly, how would you describe her game? Is she a traditional back to the basket Center? Does she like staying inside and owning the paint, or is she a drifter? What kind of Offensive skills does she have? How well does she run the floor? What brought her to Bentonville and how long has she been there? I’m hoping she is a sort of Female Hakeem Olajowon. Is that too much to expect. I see CMN as sort of a Guy Lewis type coach. A great assembler of talent who lets his stars have a lot of freedom on the court. I think Sasha can be his silent assassin and Jersey Girl his Clyde the Glide. Hopefully they won’t come up one game short.

Tapping on the brakes just a little. She’s a heckuva player, but she’s also recovering from knee surgery and will probably redshirt next season. But after that, look out.

She will redshirt next year. That decision has been made.

The pronunciation I’ve heard is MEER-EE-UHM D-OW-DUH.

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We have a year to figure that out…

My great niece has worked out with her in the past. She is a fine young lady. iMO from watching her just a bit a year of redshirting will help her a lot.

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