Proud grandpa

My daughter and her family attended the Hog/Vol game tonight. My 11 year old grandsons baseball team was there with them since they have a tournament in Knoxville this weekend. Hayden is a HUGE Razorback fan even though he’s only been to Arkansas once. He lives in Chattanooga but wears Hog gear almost daily. Here is a picture of Hayden at the game tonight. He was one happy boy.


Awesome Pic!

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Hayden’s goal in life is to play baseball for Arkansas. He told Kareem Reid once that he’d see him in Fayetteville one day. Kareem loved it.

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off topic a little but when the women’s basketball tournament was at NLR our whole family wore UCONN stuff just to annoy the Lady Volunteers…tell Hayden to keep it up!

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