Protect The Bud!

It would absolutely guarantee a spot in the Dance and in all likelihood a top 4 seed. The four 4 seeds last year were 24-8, 25-8, 27-7 and 25-9 (Kansas). The 3 seeds were 26-6 (TTech), 31-3 (UHouston), 23-9 (Purdue) and 26-6 (LSU).

Hmm, I just can’t imagine 14-4 happening. However, we’ll have a much better idea after Wednesday night.

Just so you know, ESPN’s predictor had us at 11-2 NC and 13-5 conference. It’s been pretty accurate with most teams (of course there have been some upsets). The predictor has actually updated to 12-1 NC (TCU remains) and 12-6 SEC. that’s still 24-7. Pretty good

Edit: Also Muss as a college HC has averaged 24 wins per year. So, the predictor is predicting his average

I liked the SECN graphic that Muss has a higher winning percentage (.777) than Squid or Coach K, albeit a lot fewer years. Roy Williams is ahead of him (.786), but if UNC continues to struggle this year maybe not for long. Meanwhile Mark Few is just ridiculously out there at .826.

I guess I’m saying they’re probably wrong. I hope I’m incorrect.

Well they were wrong on the NC, the two losses WKU and Indiana. We beat Indiana