Prospects for the rest of the season

Weird so far. Our win against MSU has lost some luster with them getting spanked last night by UK & LSU losing to MU. Still, the way we played & should have won against Auburn tells me we can play with anyone & ought to get at least another win or two or more this season—but where seems to have changed.

Ole Miss played as well as AL last night. Neither team could stop the other. That will be a tough game for us next week. OTOH, LSU looks more vulnerable than I’d have thought. TN’s win streak looks more to be due to weak competition than it does to TN being a powerhouse. Like us, they handled UGA well in the first half, but then UGA pounded them in the second half.

MU looks tougher than I thought. Is the LSU D really THAT bad?

I expected UF to handled TAMU easily. Who knows which of those teams will be harder for us to beat. I think I still like our prospects against A&M better, but they’re gonna be tough down there—especially since they don’t take the social distancing seriously & will have enough fans in the stands to give them a real homefield advantage. Mullins is begging the FL gov to let them have a full house, too. (I suppose it’s okay to play with a deadly virus if it might give the Gators a better chance to win.)

This is actually an odd but fun season. I think we get 3-4 more wins with a little luck and depth holding up. 2 more probably more realistically.

I also wonder what sort of permanent scheduling changes will result from this odd season. I would be interested in what others think. I really do like this all SEC schedule.

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I said this yesterday, but after watching Missouri/LSU and aTm/FL, I would not be surprised if we went 4-0 against those four.

The Ole Miss/Bama game was interesting. Saban and some of the Bama players are claiming that Ole Miss’ knew the signals. If that’s true I think we may play Ole Miss much closer than Bama, but they’re also claiming that Kiffin knew the signals from when he was at Bama. If that’s true, then Saban is an idiot for not changing them.

After our offense started clicking yesterday, I think we might be able to hang with Tennessee.

Don’t know if we will win them all, but I believe we will have a chance in all the remaining games.

Sure hope we can get our 3 B’s back. If FF really was pulled on the goal line because he was hurt, I would much rather see Burks or Boyd taking a direct snap. Our secondary played OK yesterday, but I think Buster would have made a difference

Ole Miss played as well as Bama until late in the 4th quarter. Then Bama took control.

If we can get healthy and stay healthy, reasonably so, that we’ll be in every game we play. In fact, if our offense really did find itself last night, and our D can keep improving, and ST can stop doing whatever in the heck they are doing, then the only game that I’ll call a L, is Bama. man, they look good.

this is a very odd season, but also turning out to be a fun one for us. CSP put it so well, our days of embarassing ourselves are over". Love our coaches! Love our players!

This almost feels like HDN’s first season, or the 1959 “25 little pigs”, really the start of something fun. Or like when Nolan signed Ron Huery and big things were clearly happening.


If we can get at full strength I believe these Hogs can win a few more games unless the SEC conference intervenes as it did yesterday.
As for the number of fans at College Station yesterday, it was probably a bit much, but I’m sick and tired of seeing these 70-100 thousand seat stadiums with either no fans or a few thousand for an outdoor event. That’s also over the top and not following the science as they always tell us to do.

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