Prospects attending 7-31 cookout

Guys I’ve confirmed for next Saturday. More to come.


CB Jaylen Lewis

DL Nico Davillier

LB Kaden Henley

DL JJ Hollingsworth

TE Dax Courtney

OT Andrew Chamblee

WR Quincey McAdoo

LB Mani Powell- Maybe

OL E’Marion Harris

Snapper Eli Stein


LB Jordan Crook- Ducanville, Texas

2023 RB Cedric Baxter Jr.- Orlando (Fla.) Edgewater

2023 WR Asaad Waseem- Winter Garden Fla.

2023 DB Naeten Mitchell- Temple, Texas

2023 DE Kaleb James- Fort Worth (Texas) Nolan Catholic

Mani Powell is a maybe.

E’Marion Harris will be there.

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Brown and Crook still hold true. Brown announces his decision on Thursday. Crook next?

Snapper Eli Stein will attend.

2023 RB Cedric Baxter Jr. Orlando (Fla.) Edgewater and 2023 WR Asaad Waseem OF Winter Garden Fla. will be traveling together to the Hill for the cookout. The Hogs LOVE Baxter.

2023 DB Naeten Mitchell of Temple, Texas will also be a the cookout.

Hearing another top recruit might be coming but trying to confirm.

Kaleb said he wouldn’t miss it.

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The cookout starts at one and ends around six.

I haven’t listed Jaylon White of Parkview because he’s been telling me he wasn’t visiting. He was at Ole Miss today.

Arkansas doesn’t have a spot for him.

What does that mean? Do we have a bunch of private commitments?

I still want Anthony Brown, J Cook, and hope we can flip Jaron Willis… and we got to get some DLs

Good grief

Joey is visiting today. He was going to Mizzou but the Hogs took care of that. He’s on a tour now.

One to definitely keep an eye on.


Hearing 2023 TE Luke Hasz is visiting. Haven’t confirmed yet. Would be huge because he visited in June. He’s considered the top TE prospect in his class.


Hearing about 20 checked in.

2023 TE Shamar Easter of Ashdown is visiting today. Loggains doing a great job getting kids on campus.


Both were pretty much blown away by Arkansas. They had the thinking that Arkansas was country and Arkansas wouldn’t be much. They plan to come back.

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