Prospect Pledge Projections

Since predicting recruits and their future school is the craze now days I thought I would get into the game. Below is who I feel good about being Razorbacks. I will try and find my first post where I feel confident about Arkansas landing the prospect.

S Jalen Catalon-Mansfield,(Texas) Mansfield Legacy

Sept. 24- viewtopic.php?f=5&t=21244&p=150169&hili … od#p150169

LB Lakia Henry- Dodge City C.C.

12-12- viewtopic.php?f=5&t=23151&start=10

CB Greg Brooks-Harvey, (La.) West Jefferson

Can’t find the post yet, but I think most know I’ve felt good about him being a Hog for awhile.

2020 class:

1-28-19-OL Chris Morris-Memphis Freedom Prep Academy

With the addition of Lakia, Arkansas’ 2019 class should be a wrap. We have two silent commits, which we can now assume to be Brooks and Catalon. Woo Pig! This couldn’t have turned out better for us!

Edit: Assuming, of course, we leave a spot open for a grad transfer QB

I hope Catlon and Brooks are the silent commits. Those other 2 spots I’m hoping they get 2 LB’s.

That would mean no room for a grad transfer qb. But, if it means getting Lakia or Catalon so be it.

Not saying they’re taking all. Just saying they would come if the option is there.

We ain’t closed on Lakia yet…he has pushed his signing back a couple hours to re-think it…WTH is going on???

Making sure the Ole Mi$$ check cleared…

It would be a good bet that gifts were included. It is to
be expected from the ola miss culture. Cheating on and
off the gridiron and hardwood and diamond has been
a constant from them at least since the '50s.
May ill fortune and bad happenings be their constant