Prospect day itinerary & list of visitors on campus

8:30 registration

11-2 late registration

11 practice
Photo shoot
Player panel
Weight room & training room

5 B-ball game-3 tickets per prospect

RD, it’s being reported on some other sites that some b-ball recruits are here this weekend as well. Is that true? And if so, can you provide a list?

Ones on the Hill now

2020 WR Savion Williams
2020 QB Haynes King
2020 OL Tykeast Crawford
2020 WR JJ Sparkman
2020 RB Dominic Richardson
2020 TE Allen Horace
2020 RB Isiash Jacobs
2020 DL Sawyer Goram-Welch
2021 DE Landon Jackson
2020 RB Chris Vaughn
2020 RB Jayveon Sunday
2021 QB Cross Jumper
2020 DE Jashaud Stewart- should arrive shortly
2021 QB Dematrius Davis Jr.
2020 WR Ja’Lynn Polk
2020 S Jerrin Thompson
2020 LB Aaron Moore
2020 DT James Mitchell
2020 CB Dajeun Gibson
2020 S Jerrin Thompson
2021 CB Billy Bowman
2020 RB Jaden Hullaby
2021 ath. Landon Hullaby
2022 RB James Jointer
2020 WR Collin Sullivan
2021 QB Aaron McLaughlin
2021 TE Hudson Wolfe
2020 TE Elijah Yelverton
2020 DE Blayne Toll
2020 LB Martavius French
,2020 LB Bryson Eason
2020 LB Tamarion McDonald
2020 WR Alex Adams
2020 DL Omari Thomas

2021 QB Dematrius Davis Jr. -Galena Park, (Texas) North Shore is about to visit with Morris. He’s loving the visit.

Two major targets 2020 WR Ja’Lynn Polk and 2020 S Jerrin Thompson of Lufkin, Texas are on campus.

OLB Catrell Wallace of Bryant isn’t visiting today but will on March 30.

Chris Moore for sure.

ESPN 300 2020 LB Brennon Scott - Bishop Dunne has arrived.

J. Williams too I hope.

Trent Pullen did not make it.

2020 MSU WR commit Alex Adams- Magnolia, (Miss.) South Pike made it.

2020 LB Martavius French, 2020 LB Bryson Eason & 2020 LB Tamarion McDonald-Memphis Whitehaven also made it.

2020 DE Blayne Toll- Hazen made it.

2020 DL Omari Thomas- Memphis Briarcrest has made it

2022 QB Cameron Davis- Whites Creek, Tenn.