Props to Jalen Rose

He recommended giving Bobby Portis his minutes. That was a big mistake with DNP in the last game.

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I noticed the DNP, but just figured he’d sustained an injury. I had noticed in games 3 and 4 in this series, that BP didn’t contribute much and that his minutes had been cut nearly in half. If he’s not injured, it sure seems like the DNP was a head scratcher decision.

Another DNP-Coach’s Decision today for Bobby. I have searched all resources and there is no mention of any injury, I know teams cut their rotation in the playoffs, but Bobby was at times first off the bench in the regular season. Don’t get it.

Here’s an interesting article in the NY Post about the Knicks may be wanting Bobby back next season. It’s 2 days old, but It discusses his diminished minutes in this Bucks/Nets series.

I love Bobby but he’s not playing because the Nets will switch him onto KD via pick and roll in a heart beat and that’s probably a bucket for the nets every time

Give the bucks credit they figured out how to slow down KD last night without using BP to hit him in the mouth. After that stunt with KDs body guard against PJ Tucker I really thought a BP right hook was in order. Now I’m just glad BP is keeping his nose clean and his body healthy so he can go into free agency strong. I don’t have a lot of faith in the bucks coaching or the Greek Freaks versaitility to get to the conference finals let alone win a championship but I’m pulling for them because BOBBBYYYYY

However Bobby was very happy with the Bucks coaching staff and the organization,

I had posted that NBAHogs except Bobby face uncertain future about where they would be playing next season. Add Bobby to the list.

Except, Bobby is in control of his options. He has a player option on the 2nd year of his Bucks contract. I believe it’s at $3.5 or 4M. I’m sure he will explore his options in the free agency market before making a decision.

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