Proposed changes in College Basketball (Men) next year

I believe colleges and NBA should have the same rules. I don’t see any reason why the rules are different other than NCAA wants to have its own say and not going to let NBA dictate what it should do. It is a disservice to college players in not preparing them properly for their business life.

The academic side of colleges tries to continually improve its curriculum so that it reflects more of what the student would do once he leaves the college. The athletic side should do the same to prepare the student athlete.

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The Big East experimented with the 6 foul rule in 1989-91.

The reviews were awful. It became a bloodbath and games were longer.

Those associated with the Big East at that time are against the rule change.

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So stupid! What the heck is a flange? And is not possible to do a legal euro step, step back, or spin move now?! U get two steps on a shot attempt right? What the heck is going on here

Read my questions with sincerity here.

Why are we changing the rules at all? What are the problems in the game now that inspire change?

The only one that annoys me even a little bit is the tie up back and forth rule. Just let one kid from each team on the court do a jump ball for possession.

From your comments, I’m not clear on what you’d have reviewed, Clay. Traveling? Everything?

I look at it differently; it’s a “transaction”…it has a cost, and the consumer can decide if the cost (penalty) is worth the gamble. I don’t particularly care for all of the fouling and FT’s that you normally get at the end of a game, but I understand it and sometimes it pays off.

What really gets me at the end of a game is when someone down 11 points calls their final time out with 14 seconds to go on the clock after they make a shot or FT.

Unlike baseball, college basketball has a history of tweaking the rules. It was a great game with no shot clock and no 3-point line, but IMO it’s much better with them.

The reason they got rid of the jump ball is that officials couldn’t do it right consistently. Although I think alternating possessions was a poor solution. I like rewarding the defense for making the play. Tie ball on a rebound, it’s not clear how they will handle that. Or the situation late in the Misery game where Tate blocked the shot, they called goaltending, reversed that on review, but because the whistle was blown before we grabbed the rebound, Misery got the ball on alternating possession. That definitely should go to the defense. And I would say that if they’d blocked our shot.

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I was going to mention that as well. IF officials could toss the ball fairly and consistently, they’d have never done away with it. They still can’t, so I find alternating possession a better solution than going back to the toss…though, like most, giving it to the defense is even better.

But, to SF’s point, there needs to be a point of emphasis that it really needs to be co-possession for that rule to kick in. I’ve seen situations where the defender has his hand or palm on the ball for 1 tenth of a second called a “tie ball”, and that’s not what I remember it being several years ago. Sometimes, the defender just slaps at the ball…it’s a good defensive play, but not necessarily a “tie ball”.

Why are we changing the rules at all? What are the problems in the game now that inspire change?
IMHO- more rules, more options for the refs to CONTROL the game. Not necessarily to call the game and call it correctly.

That makes sense. Thanks to both you and Swine.

I believe their thinking is, change the rules to speed up the game. I think it’s sped up about all it can be. Now the changes just causes more confusion trying to reduce game time by 10 mins. If it cuts any time at all.

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