Proposal would allow refs to call tech for flopping

I like the intent, but how can you be certain that is what happen? As a former ref, I would not want to have to make that call.


I would much rather the NCAA spend time on the fake injuries in football. The flop in basketball is irritating but at least it’s in the middle of action and usually involves some type of contact. It’s easier for the ref to ignore the flop job because they are looking at the action in real time a few feet away. The fake injury in football is different. Football is a contact sport and there are serious injuries every Saturday. It puts the refs at a disadvantage because historically they have been able to trust players that go down. This crap going down in front of 80,000 and a television audience turns my stomach every time I see it. I am so thankful our coaches have not stooped to this level. And what I hate most are the coaches that throw integrity out the door right in front of their entire team of young men entering adulthood and teach them to do it, command them from the sideline to go down. In describing a coach like this would you call them a great leader of young men or a liar? I’ll go with the latter.


Nightmare. Be worse than the targeting judgement in football. I hope common sense prevails here.

Well at least a technical foul for flopping doesn’t rise to the level of ejection and missing the first half of the next game, but I do foresee some problems with this.

I’m sure some people somewhere are calling this the Jaylin Williams rule, by the way.

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There’s a new definition now. It’s when you tweet that you’re leaving for more NIL, and then a couple of days later you say, “never mind”.

Yes, I’m not getting enough money so I am going elsewhere. I don’t care who I play for, just show me the money!!

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