Promises vs Results

The Razorback Nation has been promised many things. The program was going to play smash mouth dominating football for four quarters and win SEC championships. Unfortunately, the results have not lived up to the promises.

While most those in the Razorback Nation had doubts that we could consistently out Bama Alabama on the football field, we hoped that we could mirror Bama football enough to consistently win 8 games and finish with 50% SEC winning percentage. And when many things aligned, we could get to 10-12 wins. This was despite that the HS programs were producing fewer Bama athletes, that current trend was for faster, quicker players and that successful teams were using innovative offensive and defensive schemes.

BB has taken great pride that his O-line system results in winning football. But it is clear the issues with his offensive line system significantly demonstrates the problems with with BB’s program - the lack of adequate player development, the lack of successful roster management, the lack of high spirit energy, the lack of forceful effort, the lack of any in-game adjustments, the lack of real acceptance of responsibility for failures and the lack of team and staff leadership.

It is important that the student-athlete succeeds in the classroom and in society. But lets be honest, the football program & any athletic sport is not to lead the SEC in student-athlete Fullbright Scholars but to win games. While Razorback Nation does not want any program that is a win at any cost program like Ole Miss & Baylor, it want does want a consistent winning program whose off field success mirrors its on the field success. Simply, BB is not winning games which is one of his two PRIMARY responsibility. There has been zero development in building a competitive winning program.

In BB last six plus years as a HC at a Power Five Football program, he has only a 37% winning percentage vs Power Five schools. At Arkansas, BB is only 14-27 vs Power Five Programs. This is not a fluke but an undeniable trend! BB is 0-16 after trailing at halftime-the worst in the Power Five. What’s also as terrifying is how infrequently we outplay and outscore a Power Five school in the 2nd half for a regular season game. It has only happened 7 times in the BB era. So BB is 7-31 in the second half was Power Five schools, a 18.4% winning percentage!

So the foundation of BB program of playing 4 quarters of football, strong offensive and defensive lines and developing UnCommon Men that the Razorback Nation was promised has not happened. The time clock on BB is quickly coming to the last few ticks unless he immediately corrects his failures. But will his ego allow him to even acknowledge HIS failures and fix them?