Promise of playing time

The old staff had a tendency to make promises of getting certain players more playing time or in the game altogether. They continually got my hopes up but never followed through. CCM has promised that we will see Capps and more of Clary this game, and I sure want to believe him. For me, this is his first test to see if he’s worth his word.

Things change from Monday to Saturday as far as how the player adapts to the game plan. The ones who practice the best are the ones who will play. When he says they will try to get them in the game there are always things that can change.

There will be some times it just doesn’t work.

They don’t ever promise. That’s your word. I believe he said they would press to get someone in the game. Or maybe he said “we will try.” I don’t think that’s a promise.

I have a lot more confidence in CCM than CBB with getting the best talent on the field…

There were a lot of players that did not get their chances under the former staff - some who likely deserved it and some who didn’t.

The new redshirt rule allows more flexibility in playing guys and seeing what they have as a gamer instead of just a practice player.

Yeah. Going back a little further, if HDN hadn’t blown through 4 QBs early one season, Matt Jones might have never seen the field as a QB in his career at Arkansas. When it came to practice, Matt Jones was not who anyone would have called a good, let alone a great, practice player.

Promised did he?

Worth his word?

How 'bout…Ridiculous as in OP’s post!

I totally understand what you’re saying. Obviously, CCM never said “I promise you that Austin Capps will see the field this week,” but he did express the want/need to get him on the field against CSU. This reminds of the times when the old coach was expressing the want/need to get Hammonds the ball, yet they never really found a way to do it.

I probably didn’t present my thoughts in the best way. CCM has me pumped to see some new faces and I don’t want it to be like years past. That’s all I’m sayin

One of my biggest beefs with the old staff, you had to be head and shoulders better than an upperclassman to get on the field even though they were physically more gifted than the upperclassmen would ever be. Clearly so far that’s not the case with the new staff.

Wish we could let sleeping dogs lie.

Hammonds is a GREAT illustration. When the coach would mention him as needing carries, sometimes he did not practice the next day or the next two weeks. But no one knew it because the practices were closed. And, no one understood. Hammonds missed the most practice time in August and September of anyone I knew. Twice had knee surgery, but no one really knew it. We might report it, but it wasn’t understood that a minor knee surgery knocked him out of six weeks of practice in camp.

Amen ! WPS