Projecting the Conf Results is generally

A fool’s errand for all but the best and worst teams.

TAMU was supposed to be good. They are 8-5, 0-2 and just lost by 42 at Rupp.

They go to Usce next and may start 0-3. They lost at home to the Tennessee team we just beat in Knoxville.

I just hope we don’t lose by 42 at Rupp. I think we have a free shot though. Go in and let it rip, and hopefully the Brand doesn’t go off.

To be honest, Kentucky winning by blowout like that is the best possible thing that could have happened. Usually when a young team like that has a near perfect game they get a little complacent. CMA teams usually play pretty well against Cal teams, and you know our guys are going to be pumped for this game. This isn’t a Kentucky team that is nearly unbeatable like the team they had in 14-15. The key for us will be just to hang around. Don’t let them blow us out, just stick around and keep it a close game, if they do that we’ll have a chance.

We’ve got to get back on transition D better and we can’t let them get easy dunks. Every time we have beaten Cal and UK we haven’t let them run and gun.