Projecting Arkansas' 2020-21 rotation

I did my best to project what Arkansas’ rotation could look like, breaking down roles into four tiers – star, potential starter/key rotation player, bench contributor, spot minutes. Keep in mind that things can obviously change between now and the start of the season:

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Well done Scottie!

Pretty good projection Scottie. There is a chance Notae and KK will swap places on your chart.

I am intrigued by what Ethan Henderson can do this season. I don’t know if there is a quicker leaper on this team than him, now that Adrio is gone. If he is ready to play, he can be our best pogo stick type of rebounder.

Smith seems like has the tools to be that rebounder but didn’t see that against us in those 3 games.

Certainly a possibility. Eager to find out how Notae responds from his wrist injury. If it lingers that could open the door for one of the freshmen. I don’t have any doubt Devo and KK will apply some pressure on Notae and Tate.

Thanks Scottie… enjoyed reading that… will be very interesting to see how playing time works out… defense will probably decide a lot of it.

Thanks, Scottie, great update and analysis.

Eh tu Scottie? Another KK non believer. Just kidding.

I just think he’s too talented to not be a major contributor this season. I think his playing with and against major 4 and 5 star talent will give him a head start as a freshman. Same with Moody.

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