Projected regional sites

Assuming that state laws don’t cut out the SEC sites. These are my guesses based on the projected RPI at Warren Nolan.

Moo U

Big 12:
Okie Lite

Nike U

East Carolina
Notre Dame
Old Dominion
La Tech

Could sneak in:
Fairfield (if they go 40-4 or something stupid like that; they’re 14-0 now)
Western Carolina (24-4 now; might have to play in the minor league park in Asheville)
Southern Miss
Va Tech

Fairfield is only playing a 36-game schedule, and only against teams from the MAAC. It won’t get a hosting spot due to lack of quality competition, not to mention its facility that only seats 350.

The team you didn’t mention that I can see becoming a host is Pittsburgh. Its record isn’t great (17-10), but it has some really high-quality wins. Pitt has the same number of Quadrant 1 wins (12) as Arkansas.

You also didn’t mention Louisville. That’s a good club. The RPI is in the 60s now, but it’s going to go up with the remaining schedule that includes a lot of good teams.

Louisville is a top 10 club and would host as well if the season were to end today you’d think.

They are actually #2 in Baseball America

They could probably use a minor league field somewhere in the Fairfield area, but good point. Only minor league team in Connecticut is in Hartford.

Louisville could get there. That’s still four weeks away and a lot could happen, Nolan had their projected RPI at 52 which is bubbly, much less hosting, but we shall see. I intentionally didn’t consider the rankings because the committee doesn’t seem to use them much and they don’t agree with each other anyway.

Which website is it that shows how many wins you’d need to finish in different tiers of the RPI? I used to look at it all the time but now I can’t remember.

Boyd’s World (Moo U fan but has good info)

That’s it, thanks Swine!

Boyd has us as already a lock for top 45, and need 12 wins in our remaining 23 regular season games to wrap up top 8.

Interestingly, if politics and state laws do interfere, all 5 of your projected SEC host sites would likely be knocked out.

Yup, which is why I added that disclaimer.

A baseball field of workable size can be had in Connecticut (I live in Connecticut). The minor league stadium in Hartford holds +6100. UCONN Storrs holds 1400 (new stadium). The former minor league stadium in Norwich, CT holds +6200 (minor league restructuring by MLB sacked the team there). The Norwich stadium can probably easily be had since it isn’t being used right now. Norwich is in eastern CT close to the big Indian casinos and entertainment complexes.

florida state and louisville seem probable, east carolina has the recent history and current record to make a host…

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