Projected Longhorn Starting Lineup

6-0 G Tyrese Hunter SO
6-2 G Marcus Carr SR
6-6 F Timmy Allen SR
6-7 F Christian Bishop SR
6-8 F Dillon Mitchell FR

Key reserves: 6-9 F Dylan Disu SR, 6-4 G Sir’Jabari Rice JR, 6-3 G Arterio Morris FR

If the Hogs roll out with NSJ, AB, RC4, TB and The Manimal, who’s gonna check NSJ and AB? How will Arkansas match up against a team led by small, quick guards? What will the over/under on dunks be?

So many questions …


  1. TX will have a big problem defensively.
  2. Nick will have no problem with Hunter, and I’d guess RC4 will guard Carr.

By the way who is the “Manimal”?

:rofl: sorry, it’s a nickname some in my circle have for Kamani … his Twitter handle is “Mani”


His twitter handle makes sense as it’s the last four digits of his last name. However your circle’s nickname for him is certainly also appropriate as proven recently by his 7 fouls in the Red-White game in 27 minutes of play. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

He does play like a “manimal”. And, I’m really glad he plays for the Hogs and not our opponents.


Marcus Carr still in college?!! Sheesh. Seems like he’s been playing college hoops for like a decade now started at ISU I think. Doesn’t seem like Texas has much size on frontline. Advantage Arkansas I would guess although Bishop could be a problem.

Texas will be a handful because they are an experienced team and that means they’re going to be great on defense especially with Beard as their coach… this will be a very good game to learn from win or lose.

COVID effect plus he red shirted his soph year.

yeah figured

he’ s been around awhile lol

My early gut feeling says Texas wins this game by about 5 or 6 points. Experience usually wins out over young talent early. But come March…likely a very different outcome if these two teams match up again.

You guys are smoking good stuff if you think the Whorns win this game!

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I hope you’re right bayou. I think there’s going to be a learning curve to get our offense and defense flowing the way we want to. Muss said today that the defense is not where he needs it to be. Texas with their experience and hard nose style of play may give us fits trying to run our offense… but if we play with the intensity that I know we can it should be a great game.
This is going to be in front of a sold out arena of fans who hate us, and will be looking for revenge for the beatdown we put on them in football,would be extremely tough for a very experienced team much less one still trying to figure everything out

Youda, I think this is going to be a coming out party for Brazil, Council and the fabulous freshman! I believe our athleticism and lock-down defense will overwhelm them.

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Oh how I would love to see that brother!! Win or lose, the game it is going to be a great teaching tool for us. We will have been in a very hostile environment before the season even starts! I think that is huge for this team… this team has a lot of individual talent.
The key is can we mold them all together and get them all on the same page on both ends of the Court…I think if we are good enough to go into Texas in front of a sold out crowd, opening up a brand new arena,and beat them! Then we are further along then the last 2 teams and we know how well they’ve done… I just wished it was going to be televised

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Televised on Longhorn Network, Billy.

Yeah unfortunately that’s one of the few channels that I don’t get LOL

Come up to the house. We’ll throw on some steaks and cuss and discuss.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Horns 76
Hogs 67

Texas’ huge edge in experience and poor outside shooting by the Razorbacks is the difference.

However, a fantastic learning tool for our team. May well run into the Horns again in March…and will be a different Arkansas team by then.

One question that is an easy answer is who should win the rebound battle.

Running down our regular season schedule from the UofA site, looks like only 3 games have to be streamed for viewing and everything else (except NLR) is on network.

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