Projected All SEC Teams

Which Razorbacks would you anticipate being selected to the All-Sec Team?

My selections
1st Team: Dusty Hannahs
2nd Team Jaylen Barford, Moses Kingsley
Honorable Mentioned: Daryl Macon

Moses will have a chance at defensive player of the year. And Dusty will have a chance of making the second team. Other than that I don’t see anyone else getting any awards this year.

Last year they had 8 players on both the first and second team. Off the top of my head…

Player of the Year: Sindarius Thornwell/Malik Monk. I’d probably go Thornwell at the moment.
Freshman: Malik
Coach: Mike White

First Team
De’Aaron Fox
J.J. Frazier
Yante Maten
Robert Williams
KeVaughn Allen
Bam Adebayo

Second Team
Dusty Hannahs
Isaiah Briscoe
Antonio Blakeney
Sebastian Saiz
Tyler Davis/Moses
Matthew Fisher-Davis
Mustapha Heron
Daryl Macon

Barford, DeAndre Burnett from Ole Miss, Admon Gilder from A&M or Quindary Witherspoon from MSU could all make cases. On talent, I think Devin Robinson is up there.

Robert Williams
Sindarius Thornwell
De’Aaron Fox
Isaiah Briscoe

Response: are you serious :o jaylen,second team honorable mention dusty, Macon, and Kingsley

I’m surprised you don’t have Florida’s best (certainly their MVP) player, Kasey Hill listed anywhere. He’s their best defensive guard, clearly their best play-maker, and generally the motor that makes their offense go. Fox and Frazier, as well as his rather poor shooting, would probably keep him off the 1st team, but I’d have to have him on the 2nd team.

Good point, total brain fart. And I even mentioned him in the observations piece from last night’s game. Whoops.

That list looks pretty legit. Good chance you nail most of them.

Who do you have as 6th man of the year? And Defensive player of the year? If Macon would have started off coming off the bench like he is now, he would have been a lock for the 6th man IMO.

It would be interesting to see if Macon and and Barford can get something, I don’t think they will, not because they don’t deserve it, but because their are other guys on other teams that are a little more known/popular that I think will get in over them. Kinda like how Dusty should have made it last year, but didn’t. But next year, I think both Barford and Macon will have a shot at finishing in the first team.

Next year Trey will be on that list! I would be willing to say Bardford will be first team next year and Macon second team. But my over all hope is for our hogs to be in the top 25 beat the snot out of “Cal’s” young cats! Have earned at least a 3 seed in the Dance.
I would hope Gafford is at least an honorable mention all conference !

Speaking of Gafford, he really showed out the last game. 34 pts., 26 rebounds and 8 blocks to defeat Texarkana 91 to 78 to win the 6A West Conference tournament on Saturday night.

I am sold on Gafford. 6-10 or 6-11 with a 7-2 wingspan, big-time athleticism and a great motor. That’s a pretty strong combination.

Wow Gafford had a big game. I sure hope he hits the weight room early this summer.
I also hope we find another big man with some bulk.