I like Ty, but, uh, no.

Precisely. Ty is the best we have right now, but we need a major upgrade. He may not be our best option for 2019 whether KB comes or not.

Ty is leaving everything he has out on the field that’s all anyone can ask of the young man. KB would come in and help develop all the other QB’s on the team. He alone could pick up the tempo of our offense.

whoa dudley you are putting words in my mouth. in no way did i ever insinuate nolan is a quitter. i admire him on he desire to play both sports. that was uncalled for. im just saying you look around the college landscape and there are few that play both sports and really excel in both. in fact the oklahoma qb is the only one that comes to mind. and if nolan decides to stick with both sports, i hope he becomes that kind of qb for us. would elate me if he did. im pulling for him, in fact i would be playing him right now to get some live reps.

i think most would agree that its easier to get into mlb rather than the nfl. lots more drafted in baseball rather than football. i think at some point, unless he sees himself as the best of all qbs on campus, and that could be the case, he decides that his best future is baseball. thats all im saying.

in no way did i insinuate he was a quitter.

The best player on the team is always the back up qb, isn’t that what they say? Or in this case the possible graduate transfer or incoming true freshman. Just 3 months ago many on here were proclaiming Noland the future of arkansas football, funny how things change so quickly.

Noland may still be the future. Why wouldn’t he be at this point.

I was just referring to how people on this board have already gave up on him and are claiming KJ the future. It is silly really.

we need a playmaker at the qb spot, if Ty aint making any plays, and he did not make many on Saturday, we need to give someone else a chance, this season is toast, lets find out what we got for next year!! Who ever it is, they are going to earn it cause these next 2 games look to be brutal. Maybe someone steps up and we can give Mozu a run for the money.

I disagree that it’s easier to get to the MLB than the NFL. There are 30 MLB teams with 25 or so roster spots, while there are 32 NFL teams with 45- or 50-man rosters. Now, if you are talking easier to get into pro baseball (minor leagues) than the NFL, by all means yes, that’s easier. Whether Connor has what it takes to be a big-league pitcher, though, is as much in doubt as to whether he can be an NFL quarterback. The only difference is major-league teams have scouts looking to draft high school players, whereas the NFL doesn’t. He proved in high school to have skill-set baseball scouts liked, but if he proves himself to be an able QB in college, he could be drafted there, too.

Obviously, somebody thought one of our recent QBs, who was disrespected enough around here that somebody struck a match next to his truck, to be good enough that he landed on a team. Given time and opportunity, Connor Noland may prove to have that potential, too.

Then how did we manage 4 scoring drives of 75 yards or more with two resulting in touchdown passes?

“If I were Conner Nolan I would concentrate on baseball.”

To do that he would have to “quit” football.

That was you statement - not mine.

Any young man that has the ability to play 2 sports should play if that’s what he wants to do! He is as much of a hog fan as any of us. He is a hog!

a quitter suggests a negative meaning. would you agree. i am in no way negative of conner nolan. and you know that was not my point.

I did not say he did not make any. He did not make enough. We couldn’t keep up with Vanderbilt. I wish he could have finished the Ole Miss game to see if he could have gotten us the win. The qb has to make plays especially when the game is on the line.

I read this entire thread with great interest. Some I agree with. Some I don’t.

The one I feel in line with the most is Buzzard. He clearly observed the same game as I did Saturday.

I do not agree that it’s easier to make it to NFL than MLB in Connor’s case. First of all, he’s a pitcher and a Qb. There are far more pitchers in the MLB than there are QBs in NFL. The numbers alone give you an easier path in MLB. He actually could have been drafted last summer if he had given any indication he would have signed.

Just look at the number of QBs the Hogs have in the NFL. One. And only one other in last 15 years.

How many Hogs have pitched in MLB in last 15 years? A bunch.

And I guess we are all quitters, a word I did not use.

Lebron James. Quitter left one team for another

Ever left one job for another, you’re a quitter

Ever divorced. Quitter

Changed churches. Quitter

Just some examples when someone puts words in one’s mouth. I never used the word quitter which has a negative connotation.

I quit smoking 30+ years ago. Does that qualify?

Look, Razorwill, you know I like you and think you bring a lot to the board.

But we can disagree on things.

I disagree that he should give up or “quit” football and just concentrate on baseball.

I’m sorry that using the word quit made you feel bad or mad at me, but I just don’t agree that is what he should do.

I respect your opinion, but disagree that is what he should do.

You suggested that is what he should so and - as I well know - once you put an opinion out there you have to own it and deal with those who disagree.

I never used the word quitter which implies a negative connotation. To everyone that reads this. A quitter is negative. A person exploring other or better opportunities is not a quitter even though technically he or she quits one endeavor to pursue another. My point was if you’re going to use that implied definition then we’re all quitters

I like the kid. My point was where is his future professionally. It was misconstrued and implied I called him a quitter I certainly don’t mind you disagreeing w me, we have disagreed before. But I felt words were put in my mouth that were not intended. That being said, peace

You said he should concentrate on baseball.

Other than quitting football, how would he accomplish that?

Not sure why you’re hung up on the word.

Suggesting he should concentrate on baseball can only imply one thing—that he should quit football.

So, why the hang up?