Program's potential

Unlike football, I think we have potential to get to the top in basketball rather quickly. We have facilities and still somewhat recent good tradition. And unlike football, basketball still isn’t that big a deal at most SEC schools. Outside UK, there’s likely more fan support for basketball year in & year out than any other SEC school.

That tells me we ought to be able to get a top quality coach. Unfortunately, we got spoiled with Frank Broyles as AD. Whether all of us knew it or not, there were none better at spotting and recruiting coaching talent. (Look at his track record of HC’s & AC’s in every sport.) I mean no disrespect to HY to say he’s probably not in Broyles’s league when it comes to getting the next coach. However, I think he has more to sell to a prospective basketball coach than most AD’s have. And at least he doesn’t have a John White trying to meddle in his job.

Anderson definitely made the job more attractive than when he got here. I’ll wait and see.

We have to make a big time hire. A winning, proven, known, and respected coach.

Unlike football, we can hire the right guy(see above sentence).

I ask you what would make a winning, proven coach come to Arkansas??

A lot of money. Period.

This school needs to stop messing around and commit to winning. They have spent 500 million on facilities. Now it’s time we get a coach that can let the best in the country see it and sign up.

I agree that basketball is not as important to the fans of other SEC schools, but it definitely is to the athletic departments. We are on equal ground with most of the SEC schools when it comes to facilities, but not necessarily better. Same with coaches salaries. The other schools are trying to win basketball just as much as we are. Now, if you’re talking about fans… we’re still better than all except UK.

I’m not disagreeing with you about being able to attract a top quality coach, but I don’t think we are more attractive than most SEC schools.

Money is one big thing & we have plenty of that. But we also have a very supportive fan base, long tradition that a coach, if not a recruit, can appreciate. We have a top-notch 18,000 seat arena, while now older than several, is still a draw, not a drawback. We have a new practice facility & new academic facilities. I’m not worried about our ability to get a coach. (Although any given coach might want to stay where he is or go somewhere else for some reason). I’m more worried about us selecting the right coach. That’s not an easy task. Must have a top notch recruiter as well as a good x & o guy.

I’ve made this point in other posts and I’ll make it here. HY BETTER have a homerun hire ready to go. If not, and they try to find a coach on the cheap from the Mid Major ranks, It will be several years before we are back to the level we were in this last season.

If HY goes beyond the Sampson hire to any other mid major he better rent a moving truck! He will be getting fired himself in 3 years along with his new coach.
There will be little added in this years recruiting class and there could be transfers because of the firing of CMA!
Next year will be miserable.

Looks like we will continue our bottom dwelling ways. Guess we can start all over again. That’s been a pattern for 25 years. MA will land somewhere I’m sure. We will settle for an up and coming coach or a known cheater, whichever is cheapest. At least there’s baseball now. :joy::joy:

big time hire puzzles me. our two best coaches in basketball history were NOT big time hires. Eddie came from Creighton, Nolan from Tulsa. they became big time because Frank saw something in them and he was proven right.

Dukes coach now was not a big time hire back in the day. Yes there are some big time hires, but most big time coaches now came up from the ranks.

i will support whoever HY selects. im a razorback fan period.

I’m not quite that cynical, although I know a team is almost never better in the first year of a coach who replaced a fired one. I don’t expect next year to be especially good for that reason. However, I didn’t have real high hopes for it, anyway. I’d have given MA another year, but I understand us making the change now. Coaching changes, for whatever reason, are just part of sports. I don’t want a coaching carousel, but Mike had 8 years. That’s a reasonable amount of time to field at least one really good team. Instead we had about 3 pretty good ones. No awful ones, but nothing like a fan should expect from UA basketball.

Razorback Basketball should be a top 10 basketball program. I think(and hope) that HY realizes that and will hire a top notch coach. With time, things change. Anderson was anchored to Nolan’s system. That style is not as effective today because the game s called differently. Very few football teams still run the wishbone or the single wing , even though components of both can be found can be found in the RPO and Wildcat. There certainly is still a place for elements of “40 minutes of hell” . It just can’t be the only system used.

If the right man is hired, in 3 years we will be a fixture at SS and better. Feelings are raw now and feelings are hurt, but we all want high level success or we would not be on a message board. Give the AD time to do his job and get ready to call the Hogs when the new man is hired. WPS

NEA is right, we can attract a quality coach with the complete basketball package on the Hill. Time will prove it one way or another but the AD made it perfectly clear he expects more and that was always the driving force behind FB. I wish Mike well and admired his efforts, and at the same time excited by the possibilities on the horizon.