Program needs a business plan not just a personality

Many coaches out there who know x and o’s Including our current coach and others.

Modern history of Arkansas football since our last conference titles in the late 80’s is horrendous short of roughly 5-8 seasons.

In my view there are systemic issues for this program requiring a dedication to genuine industry leading innovation - well beyond finding the right coaching personality.

We are not competing in the WAC. We are trying to compete against the best.

I’m not denying the greatness of a Jimmy Johnson or a Switzer but do they win at Arkansas situation? I don’t know.

But Johnson clearly won at Miami where there is annual top talent.

Many coaches know x and o’s. We need that of course and those who can coach up talent and motivate, but management need create an environment and business plan to get program out of ditch, and it simply may require more resources and doing more than others need do themselves at other programs.

Arkansas was one of the first schools with the virtual reality technology. I don’t think Arkansas is behind the times when it comes to innovation.

It’s defintey behind the times when it comes to social media.

Heck my grandfather has a tablet but cannot fully exploit its capabilities. Can that also be said about the current Razorback coaching staff? If not what is the problem?


U really think they cannot handle the VR technology?
Good God when we lose every one is a head coach in waiting.

We lose a lot, so we have a lot of practice.

In what way?

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“My goodness, yes,” Gantt said. “There’s a lot of people doing great content across the country and across the world, but there’s not a lot of them that have championship teams or that have a personality as a head coach like Coach Swinney.”

When you win like they are you’re going to pick up a lot of followers. Can Arkansas improve? I’m sure they understand the importance of social media.

I have no doubt they understand the importance of social media. I have no doubt that CBB understands the importance of a good OL or pressuring the QB.

Recognizing the importance of a good social media presence is all well and good, but like most of this program, my confidence that it is going to improve is nil.

I missed that post the first time around.

they got it going on…


In my view, after reviewing almost last 30 years with between 5-8 good seasons since last conference title, I just believe many things must be on the table and we must be honest if any chance of over coming.

It’s not fair. But others have more and will always kick sand in our face otherwise.

Like any business we can’t just do like others and expect to be better.

We have to do so much more with less if we want to be at the top more consistently.

Do we really want to be there.

The tape says no.

Who are the three best recruiting coordinators in the south and why don’t we double their salary to get them and their organization working to improve us?

More resources required there for Arkansas to compete, we can’t sit back and say well we pay as much as others and just be satisfied, because it isn’t working.

Social media? Yes of course and so much more.

We can’t be offended by recognizing that we have to be better than others in many ways to compete.

It isn’t fair.

But if we want to be among the best, we have to act like it and put our money where our mouth is, and insist on industry leading tactics across program or we can get used to last place in SEC.

This is well beyond hoping for a magical coach.

We need that and so much more.

We can do this, but we can’t throw up our hands as if just doing enough is good enough.

Assuming we want to be a more consistent big.

We can do this but have to be dedicated and demand innovative tactics and paying for the best.