Program heritage. May it be this way always

That game was the perfect storm. Beating an Elite Eight caliber team by 52? Never happen again. Everything went right for us and Misery just got trucked.

I was there!!

After that game I just assumed Missouri had a down team. Didn’t pay a bit of attention to them. Looked up in February and realized they were winning the Big 12 (was it Big 12 then or Big 8, what ever it was) and ranked high.

Wow, what a great Hog team that was!!!

Holy crap, never realized they were 28-4 and a #1 seed in the tourney that year. Wow!

Misery lost to Arizona in the Elite Eight that year. If not, they would have had a rematch with us on Saturday in Charlotte. I bet they don’t lose that one by 52.

I just looked up the box score from that trucking. We shot 59% from the floor and 64% from three – better than we shot from the foul line (we missed 12 FTs; it could have been even worse). Misery turned it over 27 times. Watching that highlight tape, though, I saw a lot of stuff on defense that would have the zebras blowing the peas out of their whistles now. And we scored 75 in the second half (which is not a school record; remember we scored 166 on US International in 1989; 78 in the first half was a school record for a half, which we promptly broke with 88 in the second half).


Then, they ruined it the following year by letting Edney go 94-ft in a blink.

We would have murdered Mizzou or OK St in the '95 final. It was a fluke that we lost to UCLA.

I still think we beat UCLA if McDaniel doesn’t get hurt in the first half.

We were dominating Edney and then Cameron Freaking Dollar comes in and careers along with the rest of their team. That game still haunts me.

Toby Bailey also played the best game of his not-so-illustrious career. Bailey outscoring Thurman 26-5 wouldn’t have happened again if they played another 100 times.

I remember this game so well as I was at a high school tournament in northern Missouri and had my Hog gear on and was catching a lot of ribbing before the start of this game by locals. Needless to say they were stunned because they knew they had a good team and we flat wore them out that night. Oh how I long for the good old days !! WPS

They won the Big 12 with an undefeated conference record.

It was an outstanding team. They just ran into us on the wrong night.