Production at the 4

As well as the rest of the team is playing, it seems like better production at the 4 is the difference between where we are (8-9 seed) and being a top 4 seed/top 25 team.

Even if we didn’t have star power at the 4, if we had either:

A rebound/defense warrior who wouldn’t need to score but was relentless on the glass–ala Derek Hood lite OR

An undersized 4 that could consistently hit a 15 foot jumper from the elbow and keep the defense honest and (ala Coty Clarke/Lenzie Howell)

Either of those would have been huge additions to our team. I though we were getting each of those w Cook and Thomas respectively but seems like most nights we have had neither.

They have shown flashes but neither one have been consistent. They have done better than last years 4’s . Both have made plays and shown flashes. We need them to step up today while they are on the floor.

The 4 are doing a good job today. This may be the day

4 Production and play is where this team is really hurting. Need to develop Adrio Bailey this off-season and get one of our incoming freshman to take on the role. Dustin Thomas needs to be a 3 on this team.