Problems. Most are aware of the problems with the lack of talent we have been experienced for years with the football program. The most used excuses was it was difficult for player to get here, or the States small population. Both are valid, for the past, but less so today. We have been told by multiple Administrations and Coaching staff that population Centers like Texas and Louisiana will be prioritized. We are getting what? Less than 5 from Texas, and in most years one or none from Louisiana. What gives? All the D1 players in those States are gone before we even look? Sorry, don’t buy it. The Texas teams and LSU can’t sign them all. To me, this comes down to effort, will, and resources. I know in the past, other teams showed up with bags of money for players we were recruiting. Hard to recruit against that. Did we follow suit? Of course not. An irrational fear of the NCAA and moral grandstanding kept us from fighting fire with fire. Until the current Administration and coaching staff decides to step up to the plate and do what most teams in the Conference do, then we will continue to lag behind the rest of the Conference regardless of how good of a coaching staff we have.

Lack of high quality D1 athletes in the state hurts us I believe. There’s just not enough of high quality D1 players for us to automatically assume their ours. we have lost some really good ones…
I coached in Georgia and they don’t have to leave Metro Atlanta to sign their 25 if they really wanted to that’s how much talent is in there.
Alabama brand allows them to pretty much pick and choose who they want to but they built that standard up to where they can do that now.
LSU has no competition really in the state of Louisiana which has quite a few D1 players as well if they don’t have to worry about getting usually especially now.

Auburn when they’re good can recruit very well but they’re in a bind right now and are going to have to work their way out of it kind of like we have.

Texas A&M just out bids everybody for theirs and Texas not being a really top-notch team for a while allows them to steal some of the ones that used to go to Texas.

Mississippi has good high school football but exceptional junior college football to choose from so Mississippi State and Ole Miss can get pretty much who they want.

We have to get fortunate to get the top players in our state and then try to slide in Louisiana and Texas and Alabama to see if we can get some high caliper players that somehow they don’t get.

Those are the reasons why it’s probably going to be tough for us to ever climb the mountain in football. I continue to Hope we can do it though, the fans and the state deserve to see a top notch football program.

We seem to be doing well in Jah Jaw, and Alabama. Not too bad in Florida, at one time. And we have some very good players out of Texas, which IMO is where we have to make big inroads…

We need someone with Lemming’s tenacity in recruiting.

Scotta Harris was a 3 star out of Louisiana and he could play. He had talent. Sometimes you have to get lucky. You can miss on a 4 or 5 star as well.
Speed and length on the back end of the decade is critical and you have to have a road grader at DT.
I hope the QB out of Georgia is able to come on and help.

Wrote this back in Aug.

Sam and staff actually recruiting Texas about the same as Petrino, Bielema and Morris. Ga. has replaced La. under Sam.

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I get Sam recruiting Georgia. He was there for years and knows a lot of kids and coaches. Not against recruiting there. But that’s still no excuse for not hitting Texas and Louisiana hard. They’re right next door and close to home for those recruits. Something to point out to them. Of course Mississippi, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas are next door to. Plenty of D1 prospects in those States. Again, the home State teams can’t sign them all.

They have five Texas commitments this year. I tend to think they’ll have around that number going forward. Changing coaching staffs set you back on relationships. You have to start off when a new staff comes in. You’re seeing this staff get underclassmen on campus multiple times. That leads to commitments.

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How many top football recruits have been produced by the Little Rock School District in the past decade?

Erin Outley and Landon Rogers were the first in the district to sign with Arkansas in 15 years when they signed for the '21 class. You had James Joiner last year.

The facilities and coaching at lr southwest are second to none. Need to somehow get those kids in the halls to play football. Central high has a great coach they just can’t get kids out for football.

Parkview is stout and has players. Now whether or not he is recruiting there or not may be debatable. Mills has a good coach and is going to produce some as will Robinson. Don’t sleep on maumelle. Got two players there last year and they have a good young coach.

Look south to pine bluff. The new coach there is changing things for good. Have a pretty salty receiver now. Ryan Mallett is at white hall. That will help.

Marion has athletes. Malvern has a couple hogs already offered.

Warren has a player coming up that may be better than burks was.

From what I know Sam and staff are on top of these kids and know them.

Have to get these kids and supplement from Dallas and houston areas with Georgia and Alabama players.

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In most cases getting kids to campus multiple times is a good sign. But how many times in the past have we seen a kid we are really high on, and think is definitely choosing us, decide to go elsewhere at the last minute. Some time later, we hear of a rival school, or its booster’s making the kid an offer they can’t refuse. Usually involves money, or a job for the kid’s parents. What do we do? Shrug our shoulders and say that’s just how it is. Do we fight fire with fire? Or even report the school to the NCAA? Of course not. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

Multiple visits don’t guarantee a kid coming but it sure helps your chances when he’s doing the same at other schools.

There’s plenty of things that go on behind the scenes that aren’t made public. Arkansas will fight but it’s up to the SEC and NCAA to do something about it. Recruits will tell the staff certain things about what other schools are doing and saying.

I’ve said it several times here but will say it again, Arkansas doesn’t promise NIL deals like some schools but definitely talk up the support they get from the business community and how that can lead to NIL deals. They can also point out current players and their deals.

When you say it’s up to the SEC and NCAA to do something, that’s what I’m talking about. Both institutions have no interest in enforcing the rules. But have to do with money. The NCAA is not coming down hard on any Blueblood program. As much as I don’t like it, most fan want an Alabama/Clemson/Ohio State/ USC Championship game. No way is the NCAA throwing away that cash cow. The SEC is the same reason. The Conference wants another Alabama/Georgia Championship game every year. It puts millions of eyes on the Conference and millions in the Conferenced coffers. The NCAA is joke. No reason to fear them anymore.

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