Problems with ESPN streaming on Iphone

Always used my Iphone to cast baseball games to tv. Recently both Iphone and Ipad, when I click on game to watch, I just get a spinning arrow then nothing. Will not pull up the game. I am at a loss and hoping someone smarter can tell me what I am doing wrong. Updated Iphone 13.

I noticed the spinning arrow this morning when I opened the ESPN app on my Samsung TV, so there’s some weirdness going on. You might need to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Thanks Swine. Started happening a few series back and I missed completely Saturday’s game. I have uninstalled the app, have refreshed app, restarted phone, updated software, everything. Gone to ESPN3 on laptop and works fine. But can’t or don’t know how to cast from laptop. Videos on the ESPN app show up but if I try to stream any game I get a 10 second spinning arrow then nothing. Same screen showing what games are on. But will not stream any games.

Lately, when I am streaming the game, about 5 minutes or so into the game, the spinning arrow appears and starts buffering.
When that happens, I back out and re select the game, and it restarts. After that, it doesn’t happen again.

Seems to happen to me a lot around mid-game. But, I do the same as you to reset.

Works for me!

What I do in that instance is hook my laptop up to the TV with an HDMI cable, and then the TV automatically detects a new source and switches over to that. But if it didn’t I can manually switch sources to get to the laptop.

That’s what I did. It just that you are behind if you follow along on the board until I get enough stoppages to move up.

Usually closing and reopening the app clears that up for me

Actually got someone with ESPN on a text chain. Explained all of the steps I had taken, updated Iphone 13 software, killed and reloaded app etc. He had me take those steps again, but when it asked for TV provider to hit no, it would still pull up list of tv providers and once I logged into OzarksGo it worked. So some kind of glitch in case anyone has that problem in the future.

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