Problems staying logged on

I have been having trouble staying logged into this site. It’s been no big deal, but annoying.

I have identified the cookies to save when I clean out my browser. Apparently there is a new cookie auth.wholehogsports(dot)com to add to the other one auth.wehco(dot)com.

If you are having trouble staying logged in, this might be your problem.

Maybe they are locked out, or maybe they gave up on the Hogs. No matter, Go, Hogs.

How do I do this? I’m having trouble opening threads. Takes about 4 tries. The other times it kicks me back to the front page.

I have to log in a lot and can’t open any story links.

If you are not deleting your cookies, then you should be all right. I’ve been deleting cookies using a program called CCleaner. It allows me to specify which cookies to leave alone. I’m not sure what your setup is, so I don’t know how to help.