Problem with lack of depth is not just injuries -------

---------------------- there will be games where you are going to get bad calls or bad breaks and some of your starters are going to get in foul trouble. With little depth, you end up hoping they don’t foul out and that will not always work out. You also end up wearing out your team, no matter how well conditioned, as the season goes on and that leads to fading out at the end of games. You can look at our many close losses and, a little more rest for key players, might have led to a stronger end game for the team. Not just more points but also more stops at crunch time.

Muss is getting everything possible out of this team, but there are handicaps this year due to limited depth that will be gone next year when transfers and recruits load up the team with good players. Go Hogs.

Some of us mentioned it wasn’t good going into the season with just 9 scholarship players. One injury can put you in serious depth issue.

But Muss said 9 is all he needed. He signed three players who would have to redshirt and left a scholarship open. So, clearly he didn’t think neither depth or size was going to be a problem. Yes, some have said he thought Vanover would be eligible, but surely he knew that was very iffy.

However, what he did not expect is lack of development of Henderson and no contribution from Cylla.

Cylla is an interesting case. He was signed soon after Muss became our coach. So, it is obvious that they didn’t evaluate him and went by the stats. I am sure they are surprised and disappointed with what they see of him.

Fortunately he inherited a roster that did not have any freshmen and every player had one year of SEC experience and many with starter experience. And one of them is playing like a NBA elite guard. And more importantly he added a MVP player in Whitt.

So, if Joe comes back in reasonable time and Whitt is not seriously hurt, he can still make a run at NCAAT with 7 players. Joe, Jones, Whitt and Sills are that good. And Chaney and Bailey are very good role players.

As far as next year, everyone is saying we will have more depth. I am not so sure. Know more late April.

You have made a few comments lately seemingly doubting our commits will sign. What’s the deal?

PJ has become a doubting Thomas of late. I see it. It’s OK. He was generally a glass half full guy in the past. He’s half empty now. Not saying that’s good or bad, but it’s reality. He is in a questioning mood of late.

Did Miss tell you he was good with 9? Or are you thinking that with who he brought in and leaving an open scholarship? Maybe he actually said that and I missed it but I read everything b-ball related especially since I was very familiar with Muss living in Sac and him coaching in Sac,Bay Area and Nevada all with in an hrs drive or so. As far as the extra schollie maybe he thought best to save it for 2020/21 with whatever options he had?

He did say that playing with 9 is what he likes to do. More than that his actions suggest he thought he would be okay. Like I said, he would not have had three sitting out and one scholarship open.

I think he would have signed a Juco big instead of Iyiola. Just a hunch.

BTW, there is nothing wrong with playing with just nine. Most college teams don’t go deeper than that. In that 9, he had two 6-8, two 6-7/6-6 and five guards and two of them 6-5. Looks like the roster he had at Nevada, doesn’t it?

PJ will never be overly optimistic with our current coach. He can’t help it. He misses Mike too much! Every time someone posts about the recruits coming in he has to add IF they sign.


I have said all along that there has to be a reason three of them committed but did not sign.

I have no first hand knowledge of why Williams and KK did not sign early.

KK is the biggest surprise. He is 100% sold on Muss and Arkansas and don’t think he wants to go to Kansas. So, I can’t even guess why he did not sign early. But he seems to be a lock to sign.

I am guessing Williams is torn between his friend Chris Moore/Wes Flanigan/Auburn combo and home school Arkansas. And he just kicked the can down to April and bought time. At the same time by committing, he locked up a spot on the roster. So, on him I wait with fingers crossed.

Moody, I kind of knew what is going on there. I am using past tense, because I lost contact with people that knew what was going on about a week before he committed. So, information is stale. What I knew then is that no one is more sold on Muss than Moody and his family. You just have to listen to his parents talk about Muss. He has won them over. But Moses has personal objectives. So, looking at the latter, I have a hard time seeing Joe, Jones and Moody on the same roster. Two of them, yes. If all three end up here in September, it will be early Christmas at UofA.

Hope that explains.

Sometimes stuff just happens! Cyllia hasn’t shown much yet but he needs too! Henderson has some ability he just gets lost on defense at times. Neither one of these guys have been perfect by the way I’m not perfect either! Vanover not getting cleared to play is the major hurdle this team has dealt with this season. There’s the missing piece. Joe being down may end up being a blessing. This will force Cyllia and Henderson to show something. This season isn’t over! There’s a lot of BB left to play.

That is a good observation Clay. I didn’t realize that was happening. Now since you mentioned it, I can understand why.

In the past, the majority of the posters seem to be doubting the coach and making statements that needed fact checked. So, I was doing that.

Now with Muss, it is mostly the other way. So, when I don’t agree with something that is posted, I challenge it. And since I may be the only one doing that, I probably stand out.

But what is overlooked is when I have praised and supported Muss on certain things like recruiting and slowing down the game against Auburn. But that is okay.

BTW, I don’t recall any coach in any sport that has won over the fans and media before winning anything big like Muss has. I admire that. All signs point up and promising, and Muss definitely has my attention.

i for one, am glad we have a new basketball coach. yes he is playing with a number of shortcomings we all know about. as far as doubting the past coach, i just judge with my eyes, and thankful he came in and stabilized the program at a very tough time, however, i think he had reached his pinnacle as far as how far he could take arkansas basketball.

i did not go into this season thinking we would go to the NCAA big dance. i hope we do. i don’t think we will see what muss can really do until we see kids he recruited step on the floor and he has his team there.

that being said, i really like what i see, read, and hear. i also like the fact he promotes the basketball program. i do not think the former coach did a good job of that. muss has not taken for granted throw the ball out and they will come. attendance this year has proven this to be correct. nice to see sell outs and and a packed house. i believe he has taken the sit on the fence fans and got them into seats. also nice to see him working with the students.

as far as facts about the former coach, i really could care less, nor about this team. i judge by my eyes, and so far i like what i see for the most part. give him time. let him get his kids in the program over time. i think every game will be a nail biter this year. we just dont have the enough players, YET.

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Whether half full or half empty attitude is better, I think we all agree that the football program and basketball program have just had a lot of trouble climbing the hill, much less rolling down the other side. We are still climbing in both. We tend to get pushed backwards as we make it to the top. It’s hard to think we won’t get pushed back in the future. Just all waiting for the day we push through. Joe and Jones coming back would help, but maybe that’s why Moody didn’t sign. I don’t know. Players want to play. I think there’s room for all 3. They may not.

Basically, one of those last minute defections cost Mike his job. That scar won’t heal easily.

I do not think I professed great praise until after they won at Indiana. I was cautious going forward because I wasn’t sure he could win with that lack of height. Too many problems with this roster as far as depth and height. That’s what has impressed me.

I agree with you 100%

Muss should be praised for what he has accomplished so far. To date, they have exceeded my expectations by 2 games. I was not projecting Alabama, Ole Miss and Indiana wins. I thought we would get revenge on GT and beat Auburn at home because Auburn had lost all their starters and seem to lack offensive firepower. I had placed more importance than most on all returning players having one year of experience and adding two fifth year seniors.

Product on the floor looks good and promises a nice future. But my take is that future has to arrive before the ultimate praise, which seems to get thrown in here and there by people I respect. Not talking about you, Dudley and the gang. You guys are always fair and balanced.

I have stated before that anyone who doesn’t think this team is better coached and better prepared than anything we have seen since Sutton, especially on defense is not being objective. My humble opinion.

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:+1: agree

IMHO Sutton poisoned the water for Nolan and everyone else. Nobody in Arkansas knew what the heck quality basketball looked like, so a lot of people assume Eddie’s way is the only way. Nolan’s best teams were defensive dynamos, but because they weren’t “disciplined” some assume they were lacking. BTW, Eddie’s defenses were a lot different at Okie Lite after the three point shot came in. Playing defense the way the Triplets did gets you beat with the 3 ball. I remember a couple of outside gunners (Jim Krivacs at Texas was one) who killed us under Eddie even without the extra stripe on the floor.

Aloha Jeff,

You still have that amazing memory!!!