Problem w board

Click on a post and an ad covers the response on the first 2 posts. On iphone

Same here

Me too

Mine too. Frustrating to say the least

I have sent your messages to our developers.

I use Adblock plus app on my iPhone and I see zero ads now. Been using it since last May. There is a setting you have to activate to remove all ads. Free app

I rarely use a computer or laptop and don’t own an iPad or tablet so I don’t know how that app works on those

When I am on my iphone it wont let me go to any of the boards to read even though I am logged in. My laptop will just fine. Am I doing something wrong? It used to work just fine.

I get the same, but if you turn your iphone 90 degrees, the add no longer covers the post. vertical to horizontal or back again. stupid, but it works