Problem logging in with iPhone

So, I’ve been able to use my iPhone to access the “new” website ever since I registered the day of the change. And, obviously, I am able to access it here on my laptop.

Yesterday, when I tried to access the site on my phone, I was not logged in. I tried multiple times, but it didn’t work. Tried again this morning - I keep getting a message that “the email or password I am using is incorrect”.

In this new world, does our password need to be changed every 2 weeks or something? Anyone else having this problem, specifically with an iPhone?

I had that problem once. I switched from logging in with my email address to my user-name and voila!

Had same problem with my PC over the weekend…said my email wasn’t even registered with the site, yet I was still logged in on another device. Called CS & they had to reestablish my email & a new password with my BAHogg account. Working so far, but I’m scared to log off because my account settings still show old password, not new one they set this morning. When I try to reset it, it says new one doesn’t exist. Something screwy going on for sure…

The admins did a merge with the DG and old Hawgs Illustrated emails this weekend. It caused some issues and you may have to register again. I think it will ask you for your address so you will be in sync with the DG website, if you pay for that service. There are some growing pains and this is one of them. Hang with us as we get all of this right.

Thanks Clay - The new site is worth the few hiccups

Yes, that’s another point I meant to mention but forgot. I got to the point where it asked if I wanted a “hint” on my password, which I selected . . . but the password it sent to me was my old (former) password for the HI board, which is not current anymore.

How do you switch it, Marty? I tried to place my user name in the email space but it would not let me. It always asks for “email”.

I tried it again, Fred. I logged out and then back in. It did ask for “Email” and not user-name. I input my email and it worked.

What happened on my login mentioned above was in the early days of this board.

One thing that I did when I moved to the new board is change my email address back to my original email. When I changed user-ids on the Scout system, I had to change the email that I used on that system. I don’t know if that has any effect on my logins here since I did already have a ADG account under the original email.

If you are having issues with your login, please contact our customer service office during normal business hours, and they will assist you.

Phone: 1-800-482-1121

I will call in the morning. It bit me tonight on the iPhone, but I can still login here. I really need to get this fixed before I leave for the (early) weekend.

When I login, it takes me to the Whole Hog Sports home page and away from the forums page. That page shows me logged in, but the forums page does not let me in.

Able to login on my laptop, not on my iPhone.

Marty, I have found the same thing after logging in to the main page…but when I click ‘login’ on the forums page, it automatically logs me in to the forums w/o having to re-enter my email/password.

When I click on Login on the forums page, it takes me back to the home page. If I then click on Forums, it still shows that I need to login. I then tried to go to one of the forums and was directed to register or login.

Hi, all. Let me try shed some light on this so everyone understands. There are two pieces of software that make up WholeHogSports. We’ve got the content side and the message boards. Both have completely independent account databases which can be tedious to keep everything in sync. Last week we deployed a new login method that only looks at account details from the content side. Now subscribers accessing both premium content and premium boards will authenticate against one user database.

You guys are correct about the login/logout bit where it might show you as not logged in on the top but as soon as you click the login link it automatically logs you in. Both the forums and the content side know that you are logged in but we aren’t able to change login to logout until you click the link or access a piece of premium content.

If you are having trouble logging in one the the following is probably happening:

  • 1. A Moderator manually created your account. If that's the case then you definitely need to register here: [url][/url] If you've already registered you shouldn't have to register again.
    1. You changed your password within your forum profile. When logging in we aren’t checking the forum credentials anymore. You’ll need to use the password in which you originally registered with. If you forgot it, you can get a reminder here: <LINK_TEXT text=“”></LINK_TEXT>. If you need to change your password you’ll need to contact customer service.

    2. You’re trying to login with your username. Make sure you are using your email address when logging in.

Hope this helps.

Still having issues. Very frustrating and now when I attempt to send private messages they now go to outbox instead of being sent.

I have registered with my email address. I confirmed this with customer service over the phone. However, when I attempt to log on via iPhone, which requires my email address, I get a message that this email address is not registered.


When you send a PM, it does go to the Outbox until the recipient reads it. So you have no problem there.

I still cannot get logged in on my iPhone and I’m suspicious that it has to do with the email change. :cry:

OK . . . following this advice, I just logged in using my email address and the OLD password I used to have with Scout . . . and I got in (in my iPhone . . . desktop has not been a problem, knock on wood).

It doesn’t work for me because I have the SAME password that I had on Scout. I’m still convinced that it has to do with my change of email. I cannot login to the forums using the old email address, because I can never get to that point. It never asks me for a userid or email on the iPhone. It just logs me into the ADG account.
I have always had one email for access to ADG and a different one for Scout until now. [attachment=0]banghead.gif[/attachment]

That makes sense. Thanks.