Problem logging in on my mobile

For some reason, I cannot access the boards from my phone. This started a few days ago. I was prompted to log in again - which happens every few weeks, so I didn’t think much about it. So, I entered my ID and login, and it said the password was not correct. This only happens on the boards - I can see all of the other premium content; stories, etc.

Anyone else have a problem like this recently? Solutions?

I have an iPhone 7, BTW.

Matt? Anyone??

Maybe they cannot log in… :o

Seriously, I had the problems that many had for a long time a while back and that was with a new iPad Pro. It took them a long while to settle things down and so far things are still holding good for me. It seems to take a while for them to get things under control, but they do.

Is there a person or group that hates Razorbacks or this site that keeps banging on this site?

What is different about this site than other similar sites that we have problems and they do not, or do they have similar issues a lot too? There has to be a reason that we seem targeted…

The login and popup issues are being discussed today. I don’t think it is exclusive to your account.

This is the fourth day I cannot access wholehogsports articles without the Amazon pop up. I can at home, however. So it just affects my SE iPhone. It doesn’t go away; reading an article on my iPhone is impossible.

Yes, it is an issue that only appears to affect mobile devices. Desktop users are not experiencing it, as far as I know. It’s happening on my iPhone, too.

I saw some discussion about the pop-ups . . . and that’s not what my issue is. Now, my problem and the pop-ups may be related - I don’t know. But I was reporting my problem; I didn’t see anyone else posting that they could read the premium articles but could not log into the forums. If someone did post about that, I missed it.