Probably going to

sleep in tomorrow. Hoping I get over this crude, sinus and fever. It’s been draining me since yesterday.

If not will have to see a doc. I very seldom ever take a sick day but might have to.

Just wanted to give heads up in case I’m not on the board in the AM or afternoon.

Feel better sir!

I hope you get to feeling better!

We will miss your wit and wisdom, but expect you to get better!

Get feeling better soon, sir

Respiratory infection. Got a shot today along with some meds. Going to try and take it easy today and hopefully be good tomorrow.

Get well soon. Never good to be sick but with Spring breaking out it is made worse. I love this time of the year.

Now get it (allergy reaction which turns into a respiratory infection) every year here when the pine trees pollinate. The medications (steroid shot, etc.) should have you (hopefully) better soon. Suggest that next year at this time of year (actually, just before) you find an over the counter allergy pill that works for you and take it every day. Somehow, every year I never start the allergy pill regimen until (too late) when the symptoms hit hard. Get well soon, and minimize any recurrence.

I have an allergy pill I take but haven’t been. Probably will be back on it.

Ready to get back to norm.

Hope you’re better soon. if your meds dont’ take hold, mix 4 oz nyquil, 4 oz, vodka, and 4 oz Jack Daniels and drink straight down. It works in a day or two and you will probably start remembering your name by the third day,

Got all the ingredients this morning and working hard on getting better.

Actually the steroid shot and meds have made me feel back to norm. I felt much better last night. First evening I felt like I had my normal energy level.

good deal Richard! Glad you’re better! Theres some nasty stuff going around!

That’s my understanding. Didn’t realize it until I went to the doc and some others said they were sick.