Probably a bad question...

As of lately I’ve seen a lot of articles
refering to the U of A as University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Is there any particular reason?

Style change that was enforced from upper level management.

It’s been discussed several times on this board. No one likes it. At least I haven’t read anyone defending it. It’s stupid. Makes for awkward reading. And they don’t do it for any other state’s university. Recent case in point: Wally’s column mentioned Kentucky, Florida, & the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville as having won NCAA basketball tournaments. How stupid is that?

…my opinion is that this is a deliberate insult to The University of Arkansas by individuals in Little Rock at or near the top of the DemGaz staff and/or ownership who are hiding behind “an editorial policy” ignored for decades suddenly being absolutely enforced against the UofA schools and no one else. The policy is not applied to any of the other Flagship Institutions in other states whose names regularly appear in the same articles where Fayetteville is added to the University of Arkansas, but Jonesboro is not added to Arkansas State University, Knoxville is not added to University of Tennessee, Tuscaloosa is not added to the University of Alabama, etc. etc. There is a twisted rumor that somehow this is related to UALR wanting to be called Little Rock but there is no explanation of how that request triggers this blatant attempt to bring The University of Arkansas down to the same level as the University of Arkansas @ Little Rock, the University of Arkansas @ Pine Bluff, the University of Arkansas @ Monticello, etc.

All of the reporters have indicated it is out of their control and, if they don’t do it, editors at the DemGaz will add the “Fayetteville” to their articles about the Razorbacks when they are inserted into the DemGaz.

I think you’re right. It seems to serve no purpose other than to intentionally get a dig in on those of us who attended or support The University.

That’s why I generally try to ignore it. They want us to be mad. So, I try not to give them the satisfaction.

My hope is that it has a negative impact on their bottom line.
They will lose in the long run with this stupid move.

Goodwill got up and went with this nonsense.

It is beyond ridiculous. The inmates must be running the asylum. At what point do you cut off your nose to spite your face?