Pro touch impresses Moody during recent Arkansas visit … rkansas-v/

Moser will be at his game today.

I really think we have a good shot now

Absent major improvement in the next year, do you see Moody as a one and done now, or more like Portis and Gafford and perhaps 2/3 and done?

The current thought is 1 and done.

I don’t know. They are still hoping a blue blood calls. I am quite puzzled that they haven’t. What is it in Moody that they don’t like?

I always had the feeling MM always liked Arkansas alot but never could get on board with the previous staff because he didn’t believe in them. Now I think he sees he can go to his home town school he grew up cheering for PLUS can get the development he feels he has to have at the college level to get it the next level.

I have been following the Moodys closely since he was in 9th grade. I don’t share that opinion. Not trying to change yours.

I’m not seeing one and done with Moses. I see him with a good chance of making it to the league, but I think he’s in college longer than one year.


Athleticism/explosiveness and doing more than spot-up. This isn’t to say he doesn’t have ability in those areas; they just want to see more.

Agree generally. Moses thrives off of more structure than CMA had in his on- court system.

I still think Muss and the staff are playing catchup. I think it’s still an uphill battle but not impossible to overcome.

Here we go again if MM goes elsewhere. We just ran off a staff that most said couldn’t land the good/great instate kids. Now if the new staff can’t do it either then it’s time to stop blaming the AR coaches and swallow the realization that these kids in this day and age see nothing but stars & bright lights and the notoriety of the blue blood calling.
Or get in the auction as highest bidder.

That is what I have been trying to say. Except my information tells me that Muss and company may have caught up with Anderson on where Moody was with Arkansas prior to coaching change. Mike had a good shot at Moody and so does Muss now. Unless of course blue bloods…

I did hear reports of Roy Williams paying attention to Moody last week.

I saw Roy, Juwan Howard, Mike Smith and others at the three games I attended.