Pro options for Macon

According to Miami Herald, following his good showing in the NBA Summer League, Daryl has been offered a contract by Miami and three other NBA teams. The contracts most probably assigns him to G League. However he has also been offered contracts by foreign teams that offers significant more money than NBA contracts.

He has a choice to make this week. It at least looks like that he can make a living playing ball for a while

Here is the link to the report: … 21534.html

As an avid NBA summer ball watcher (or at least taper), I got to see all of Daryl’s games and thought he really played well up until that last game against the Celtics.

Happy for the young man.

I wrote about it a bit last season: Daryl has become a much more selfless player. He was giving with the basketball last year, and it showed in his assist numbers spiking year over year. He even had a stretch around when I joined WHS in which he didn’t turn the ball over for nearly 100 minutes. He can score, we know that. Adding the passing dimension was big. You have to have some depth to your game and he definitely took pride in finding teammates for scores.

And we also saw him grow as a teammate. He brought out so much good with his personality, and it carried over to some of the other guys on the roster, like Jaylen, who I think we can see is a fairly reserved guy speaking in press conference settings. He brought out the fun side in JB. Then there was the ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ deal with Daryl, Jaylen and Anton at the NCAA Tournament. Hope things work out well for Daryl.