Pro bowl game

Does anyone actually like the no contact game? I fear in a few years that will be football in general.


I accept it for what it is and find it entertaining.

That coming from someone who hates the wussification of football.

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I am skipping it.


Skipped it, Liked seeing the scenery and golf at Pebble.

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I haven’t watched one second of the pro bowl in years! I was watching the golf


Pro Bowl was on today?

It would be hard to find anyone who dislikes Texass more than me. I have a consistent track record on this forum of stating that dislike of tea sippers. But I’ll admit that I was rooting for Spieth today even though he’s a Longhorn.

Please forgive me.


Yeah I thought Spieth had it won. But that guy hit some great shots and Speith gave him an opening and that guy took it.

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I never thought I’d see the day that it came down to two-hand tag or flag football and " I want another 5 million dollar raise".
<---- A personally disgruntled fan.

I enjoy golf today! I have no interest in watching the pro bowl!

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What Pro Bowl?

New Orleans RB-Alvin Kamara used his energy to beat up somebody and got arrested.

I probably haven’t watched a Pro Bowl in 25 years. I never cared for it.

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I pull for Spieth knowing he broke their hearts for leaving Texas after one year. He is one of the good guys on Tour. When he sucked, he answered all questions. Glad he’s back. And he is back. He is magic around the greens.

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Tom Hoge is also considered one of the good guys on Tour. But I don’t feel that he was in desperate need as they played it on TV. His career earnings are $10.8 million. We could all hurt like that.

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