Private messaging

Forgive my ignorance but how does one receive private messages on a mobile device?
Where is the indication of a received pm?


The indication of a PM on a mobile device is almost non-existent. But you can check by going to your inbox. The indicator is actually at the top along with the name of the page you are using. But you can’t see that unless you open another tab or window.

On any page, underneath the banner (and under the images with story links, if you are on the board index) is a red stripe. On the left side of the red stripe is the menu icon, while on the right is your user name with a drop-down arrow. Click on your user name for that menu to drop down. Click on USER CONTROL PANEL.

I recommend that you then rotate to landscape, if you are not there already. Just under the title is a series of tabs. One of them is for private messages.