Private Commitments


Any clue on whether we these “private” commits will materialize and sign?

not RD/DD but just a guess but pretty sure Catalon is one of them considering he has 2 teammates already signed,Brooks is likely the other and those are 2 great players!

2nd that ^^^

I think one is catalon.

But I heard something on the other day that made me think the other was a LBer.

I’d be happy if it was brooks, though, but kind of hope it’s a LBer, and we just flip brooks.

In due time.

Well played Richard, well played.

Richard, sometimes you are like an exotic dancer who knows what she has, but only discloses enough to keep the audience on the edge of their seats wanting the rest of the story. Hope “in due time” comes soon. We can only hold our collective breaths so long without passing out and hitting the floor.

This is Whole hog sports down here, we wear suits in here…

Have some decorum on a Wednesday.

:lol: Econ made a funny.

Man, that visual :pleading_face::dizzy_face:

Haha. The day you wear a suit to work, I want to see the picture posted here. :shock:
I have “Sunday go to meeting clothes”, but jeans or cargo pants and hiking boots are about as dressedup as I get. :slight_smile:

RD just trying to make a living, man…

what cargo are you carrying around in those oversized pockets, I’m curious?

Is there been a time/date on Catalon? I’ve read so much I can’t remember if so.

Catalon is supposedly committing in Jan I believe, he won’t sign til Feb.

Ok thx bud.

Dudley said Brooks was one, is there still a second?