Prime Time to Boulder?

Can you imagine Deion recruiting to Colorado. Automatic top 5 class every year!

Too bad they have an insane transfer rule that essentially renders them irrelevant as a FBS program.

I would think Deion would have trouble recruiting to CO. A lot. But, if he goes, he needs to take his QB.

They won a natty in 1990, largely with players they recruited out of California. No reason I can think of they couldn’t do that again with the right coach.

I remember when Nebraska, Oklahoma and Colorado were 1, 2, and 3. Running machines.

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That was 1971. Nebraska won the NC, OU #2, Colorado lost only to those two.

I agree, but I don’t think the “right” coach for CO is Deion Sanders.

I think he could recruit in Alaska.


I agree RD! He has everything the new generation is looking for plus he can coach!

I didn’t realize the new generation was interested in moving to Boulder, CO. It has location limitations, climate limitations, and conference limitations. Plus, Deion’s background is not in midwest… at all. He’s south, deep south, and prime time. Not Boulder. But we will see.

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It’s in the Pac-12. It’s not like it’s in the WAC, for cryin’ out loud. And some people like mountains and snow.

I love Boulder. Probably one of my favorite places. It is in the PAC-12. I think. I can’t keep up. It seems like it’s been in 3 conferences in the last decade. IDK. Point is, if you want to be in the PAC-12 go to the coast, especially if you’re a 5 star that Deion is supposedly going to recruit.

My niece was recruited hard by Colorado. To me Boulder was not a good fit for her. She came to that same conclusion and chose Tulsa. Boulder is just a little different.

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It’s definitely unique. One reason I like it. But definitely not for everyone, and definitely a handicap for recruiting… especially for Deion.

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Just take a look at this newer generation and its obsession with weed… which is legal in Colorado. Still not sure how the NCAA works when it comes to that and drug tests.

Yea, I didn’t realize that could be a selling point for Deion. Hey! we got weed, but wait, so does California and Oregon and all the PAC-12 schools.

Colorado has stores named Gas n Grass. Sell both.

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Boulder is pretty cool place. Probably need to do some research on Boulder.

Now we know Richard…

My memory ain’t what it used to be, but didn’t the Buffs need 5 downs to beat Mizzou in 90?

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