Prime Time Team Intro....Wow

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I think Coach Pittman’s was better. I loved when CSP said “you may not have chose me but I chose you.”


This was not meant as a knock on Pittman or a comparison. I have never been a Prime Time fan but I did like his team meeting.

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Seemed like the meeting was more about him than anything else. If he thinks he can bring a bunch of dudes from Jackson St and win at Colorado I think it’s gonna be a rough ride.


I didn’t like that. All he did was talk about himself. “I’m coming” over and over again. How about “WE coming”?

He’s got a little too much arrogance for my liking!


I didn’t think you were knocking CSP.

I don’t thing his meeting resonated with the players. In some ways, it reminded me of the approach CCM tried to take and that clearly didn’t work out.

He certainly didn’t mince words about running off a bunch of them. Apparently he’s planning to flip the roster.

I am sure he is hoping for type of players that would have liked to play for him but turned Jackson State down because they wanted to play at a P5 school.

Well, if you took a gander at their record this past season and how they lost some games, you’d want to purge the roster too!
Neither of their last four games were closer than FIVE touchdowns!
Pretty much the pattern the entire one win season.

He won’t be playing teams he’s 30 pts better than every week now,in fact it’s likely to be just the opposite,so he better be coming,arrogance is fine as long as you are winning! you start losing and kids aren’t going to be so receptive to it… He will bring some players with him and but he will actually have to coach now bc his team will be the inferior team in the beginning…look forward to seeing if all that talk can be backed up.


He has no competition in the SWAC athletically or with NIL money. Won’t be the case at Colorado.

Having your first meeting with the team and telling these young men he’s going run off most of them was uncalled for.

I like what he did for Jackson State but he needs to show some humbleness. Plus none of these kids care what you did in the NFL, they probably weren’t even born.


Kinda hypocritical on your part considering this happens with EVERY coaching change. Including here!
At least he’s being up front with them. I wouldn’t want a roster full of quitters either. I’d rather lose with fighters (my Jackson St guys) than holdover quitters.
And it’s obvious the team quit. Check out the scores of their games and their overall record!

I’m a hypocrite :joy::joy::grinning::grinning:I didn’t have a team meeting with kids I’ve never met and told them they were getting run off and my son would be the quarterback.

Maybe when I get to work tomorrow I will have a meeting with all my technicians and tell them how great I was years ago and how great I am now. I’m sure they will line up to follow me.


If your team is a bunch of quitters and losers, would you still have them on staff?

How does he know they are quitters he just met them. Has never coached them or sat down with them to see what they are about.

Ever thought the previous coaching staff may have sucked so bad that the kids gave up? Or tell me the last time the Buffs had a good team? So for the last decade their whole problem has been they have a team full of quitters???

And why does this team meeting need to be filmed and put on social media? Is it cool to publicly embarrass kids you’ve never met or talked with?

Power 5 is not the SWAC…


Who did they play??? Not one power 5 team. Vandy would have killed that schedule also.


There will be players who respond to that, and a lot who recoil in horror. Probably a lot like UA a couple of years ago - not many true (PAC 12/SEC) players in that meeting, although all hold a scholarship that says otherwise.

I like the confidence. I like the vision that is present. I do not believe in showing up and trashing the players who have held out hope, and will make a big chunk of your 2-deep next year (whether he likes it or not). Save that for the first morning of off-season training that goes sideways. Yes, it does have a place, just not on day one.


When he kept repeating himself I knew right then he didn’t have anything to say.


I think it’s safe to say that if neither of your last four games were closer than FIVE touchdowns, you have a bunch of quitters on the squad. Even if the coaching was terrible, does that mean you should quit on the field?