The June magazine arrived at my home in Norfork. This is the last one that I actually contributed greatly to publishing. I did far more work than I intended. I was excited when Jean Ann walked in to hand me the June copy of Hawgs Illustrated. If you are not a subscriber, you can be at:

800-757-6277. I notice there is an offer for a $57 subscription for just the magazine. I think that’s a little bit of a bump for new subscribers, but only because second class postage has more than doubled over the last few years. I still think that’s a bargain for something that’s printed 20 times a year and delivered to your mail box.


I haven’t even read the article yet, but I can see your fingerprints all over it…or is it just your thumbprint?


I did type a bunch for this one. I probably wrote the most on Brady Latham and the offensive line. Somehow that seems appropriate for my last real contribution (other than Where Are They Now pieces going forward).

Awesome looking cover Clay!!

Got mine in mail today, outstanding

Great call. Pride month starts June 1.

Can’t wait to read it Clay. I’m looking forward to your where are they now pieces. Hope the fish are biting….

This is a keeper for life and pass on to a kid.

Unbelievable, A keeper…


Definitely a keeper! Can’t wait to get mine!

Got mine today, too. Think it turned out great.

Scottie wrote more than half of it. I have to brag on Scottie. I edited all copy (except mine; Matt edits mine) and I don’t believe I hit a key stroke. I can’t tell you how proud that makes me when someone turns in copy like that. Matt’s copy is the same way. They are pros.


Clay or Scottie in the Running Back portion, Under Rashod Dubinion the last sentence??? “It’s not elite level speed”??? Is that a typo?

Nope. He does not have elite level speed. He is not as fast as Sanders or Green. I did all the coach evaluation quotes after sitting with both Kendal Briles and Barry Odom.

Love the cover can’t wait to get home and have thorough look see and read.
Did you get a fresh manicure for this one Clay.

As a fellow retired guy I’m alway proud to see the folks I brought up in our business succeed. With some it’s like seeing your kids do well. Today I’m having lunch with the guy that succeeded me. He’s more than a dear friend. He’s family. Plus he’s so talented at leading our sales team. I’m so proud of him.

Got mine yesterday. It stayed in my hand for 2 hours as I read every word. I will hide this one so it doesn’t disappear during one of my wife’s declutter sweeps. I look forward to reading it again in August. It’s a great body of work. Clay you are going out on a really high note.

Your wife has those sweeps, like mine does :grin:

Clay, do you see any similarities between Dubinion and Trelon Smith?

Well, I just got my HI delivered in Bentonville 15 minutes ago. My mail delivery is nothing to brag about.

Dubinion is bigger than Trelon. Great feet and vision. More like Felix Jones but Felix is faster.

I would compare him to Alex Collins. Great hips and vision. Crafty.

Do not sweat his speed. He will play a lot this year.