Price tag to move into the Big Boy FB league

Take a look at Texas A&M… They are waving a really
big flag that says “WE WILL GET THE JOB DONE”. They
have no illusions or reservations about stepping up and
joining the Big Boy Football League. They just dropped
a 10M+ buyout then a 75M contract for Jimbo Fisher.
They are willing to pay for the best opportunity to join
the winners circle when it comes to college football.

Makes me have to shake my head at the “frugal” moans
of Arkansas when it comes to being worried we could be
spending as much as 40-50M. We have always wanted to be
a Big Boy but only at a discounted price… well, one axiom
that I’ve generally found to be true over the years is that
“YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”. It will be interesting to
see what/who Arkansas gets.

Will we take a step to be contenders or will we remain at
the level of pretenders.

They’ll fire him in 5 years and it will all be for naught.

We’ve tended to try to do things on the cheap. JFB was infamous for squeezing nickels until they screamed. I’m sure the infamous BB buyout we’re facing right now was because other schools were expressing interest in hiring him away from us. BB’s agent knows how to play that game just like Jimmy Sexton does. And whoever we get now will demand a big buyout too – or a guarantee like the Aggies are giving Jimbo. That’s just how the big boy game is played these days, and we can’t get anyone who is capable of getting us there without playing it too.

Do a little research on endowment levels at Arkansas and at Tex A&M. It is an astronomical difference. The object is of course not to spend the endowments but to spend the money it earns. The Aggies play at historical Ivy League levels of endowment.

What does this have to do with athletics? Nothing, and everything. Their athletic department also draws the same type of financial support. It just does not become public knowledge. It always made me wonder why they are not better in all sports than they are. I just chalked it up to being Aggies.

Everyone talks about the big money at Arkansas with the Stephens, Tyson, George,etc. Aggies have a 100 of those type guys.

A&M very, very big money.