Previewing Arkansas-Texas tonight

Here is a notebook from myself and Tom Murphy:

This is going to be a game is probably going to be decided late. The team that doesn’t beat itself and comes up with the timely hits is probably going to win it.

Our team has done really nothing against Smith or Hollan and the Texas LH is very very good so we’re going to have our hands full just as they will have their hands full against Smith.

I’m just so glad baseball is here it’s going to be an absolutely incredible environment in perfect conditions which will be the last time we see that till about May.

Let’s go boys, let’s make the plays when we have to and come out at least winning 2/3 this weekend

Looking forward to the game. I didn’t sign up for Flo, so I’ll be listening to the radio broadcast.

Lucky you! I wonder if there is a Texas radio station that I could possibly pick up here? Otherwise, thanks to Sir U-da and the other kind contributors who post here as the game progresses.

Well, I’m assuming that I can listen thru the Arkansas Game app!
Am I assuming wrong?

The Razorback Gameday app should have the game. My favorite way to listen is through the Varsity Network app.

Matt, just curious as to why you prefer the Varsity app?

I like the interface of Varsity and I haven’t had technical difficulties like I have had trying to listen to RSN on the Razorback app.

Learfield owns the Varsity app. I really like the ability to listen to all the different broadcasts.

Do you have the in-purchase app or the free download?

It is a free download.

I got it and will try it out tonight. Thanks!

I tried using the Varsity app once and it wanted money. I said screw this, essentially. I haven’t had any major problems with the Gameday app anyway.

I will always choose to listen to Phil and Bubba

I am just hoping we have pitchers who can throw strikes and hitters who won’t swing at junk

That’s interesting. I have never been asked for money and I listen to broadcasts from all over the place.

It’s not Phil this weekend; he’s tied up with women’s hoops. Brett Dolan is calling with Bubba from Arlington.

Okay, assuming (correctly) that I am an old fart who can barely spell cell phone (or computer keyboard), how do I download and then what do I do? Thanks for the time and effort on my behalf (and I would even bet that there is a least one other idiot out there who could also benefit!).

Go to your app store and search “The Varsity Network.” It should be the top non-sponsored result that shows up.

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