Previewing Arkansas-LSU

Yes he could be pitching right now and doing quite well.reminds me of Degrom.just have to take your swings and hope you hit it.Hollan has the type stuff to pitch well against them bc I saw a FR LH from Tam shut them down for 4+ innings and another closed out the game but Skenes is going to be more than a handful to say the least

I hope Hollan is on tomorrow. If we can make it into a pitchers duel, maybe one of our power hitters can grab one of his fastballs for a game winning homer.

I think Hollan must be good. I was listening to Jim Schlossnagle talk about Texas A&M’s loss to Skenes last week. They got behind early and it became a mind game knowing they needed a comeback with him on the mound.

Arkansas’ lineup has done a really good job this year of driving up the starting pitcher’s pitch count. I think they have to hope they can force Skenes into some 20-pitch innings and get into a bullpen game by the sixth inning or so.

Yes Matt, if we get it into a bullpen game, we have Smith. Of course, if Saturday turns into a doubleheader, we won’t be able to bring him back for the third game.

I think we have to be aggressive against him because he’s definitely going to challenge you with the fastball probably the first time through the lineup. I don’t think we can let him get away with mistake pitches by taking them. He has a great breaking ball but against Texas A&M he left several of them up in the zone but they took them.

He’s an incredible pitcher but one thing you can be certain of when you step in the box is he’s going to be around the plate…

I think it’s a big break that we’re playing them at 12:00 probably won’t be near as many people as there would be at 7:00 at night

Teams hitting .176 against their pitching staff and then to have that lethal of an offense… unbelievable… I just hope we can somehow get one

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