Pretty sure Muss won't sleep well tonite

All of a sudden Joe is terrible. We can’t get, or make, a free throw. And Reggie Perry is running down court, laughing at us again. There is no justice in this universe. For all of you that loved CMA (including me), Reggie Perry is the reason Coach A now coaches in New York. Why did Coach A not turn Miss St in to the NCAA? It’s almost laughable how everyone knows Perry was bought and paid for and nothing, NOTHING, will ever come of it. It just pisses me off everytime I see Pearl, Wade, Calipari, and Howland getting away with murder at our expense.

If they all cheat, then we need to as well. If we want to win, that is. I happen to like winning.

Isaiah Joe is struggling. He’s shooting 21.4 percent from 3 in the three SEC losses - 44.4 percent in the three wins. Wednesday he finished with a career-worst offensive rating of 43, according to KenPom. He’s now had 25-plus minute scoreless stretches in back-to-back games. That is a bit worrisome. Probably never a good sign when Jeantal Cylla hits as many 3s as Joe in a game.

So. Why won’t he put it on the deck with purpose and get to the line? Joe could learn a lot by watching film of Dusty Hannahs. He just looks so soft lately.

Cyllia has a couple of WIDE OPEN looks and he failed to let it fly! He made 1- 3. And a bucket under the basket. He needs to score when he’s on the floor.
Joe needs to work on driving the ball and drawing fouls.


I like winning too, just not at all costs. I want to win because the HC surrounds themself with a great staff, works tirelessly at recruiting, develops their player’s, and is great at X’s & Os. I’m quite happy with the product most of our coaches put on the field, and none of them are considered blatant cheaters.

Condoning cheating in an effort to be more competitive reflects poorly on oneself.

We should never lose sight that these are merely games being played by kids.

It’s not that tough a concept.

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I agree! Winning at all cost and throwing your integrity away is never the answer! Win the right way or forget it! The fact does remain our hogs have played 3 teams this season that have paid their players!

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Because his footwork is not where it needs to be right now. His feet are not coordinating with what his upper torso and hips want to do, which is why he keeps falling and tripping over himself. The commentators mentioned his feet tonight, but this has been going on for quite some time really.

Joe needs to start taking some mid-range jumpers to get the defense to at least consider that he will do something besides hoist a three and/or unsuccessfully try to beat quicker guys off the dribble. He’s just not that quick with his feet. It doesn’t make him a bad player, but it does mean that he is going to have to evolve/adapt. I still love the kid; I just don’t want to see him keep banging his head against the wall with these games.

That’s just my 2 cents, which is probably worth about 3 cents less than that.

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I still think Joe could learn a lot from watching film on Dusty Hannahs. He had a rep as a bomber, but he developed a killer mid-range game.

You make a very good point.

Dusty came to Arkansas without the midrange game, I understand it was Scotty Thurman who worked with Dusty during his redshirt year on floaters and finger rolls. If you recall that was part of Scotty’s game. Being not quick footed, Scotty had to develop that for himself.

There are a lot of similarities in foot speed of Dusty and Isaiah. But it is going to take an off season of work to develop that. Can’t do it in the middle of the season.

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Joe is a much better defender than Hannah’s! It took Dusty some time to get the midrange stuff going. Joe seemed tired when he fell. He just can’t create his own shot.

I agree he needs a big off-season to work on dribble-drives and finishing closer to the goal, you can’t just go through a week or even a month of in-season practice and flip a switch.

I don’t know if he can add a lot of muscle to his frame, but if he could add even ten pounds of good weight that would help, too. The opposition is really getting physical with him both on and off-ball, and I think it is wearing him down a bit.

For the rest of this year, Muss and Joe have got to figure out a way to re-set Joe’s three point game. Hopefully he’s just like a good baseball hitter who has to work his way through a slump. The TCU game would be a good time to get some confidence and ease back into his three ball.

I think Joe just needs to hit a couple and take the ball to the hole. A lot of the problem comes from we don’t go inside out with the ball!

I can watch film on Michael Jordan all week but it isn’t going to help me play like him.

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Watching film won’t fix the issue Joe has. Joe has never had good handles. He falls down a lot when he tries to drive in to the lane.

Joe is probably one of my favorite players of all time and I’m 52 but he has some things he has to work on. You can tell after he missed 3 or 4 in a row last night it got all over him. Some kids shake it off quick and others have to get a little older before they can deal with it. Hopefully he will learn to just play through it.

He has to get better and handling the ball. Soon as coach called, what I call “flat” or “1-4” for him, my wife says “uh oh here comes a turnover”. This is when Joe gets the ball at the top near half court, coach spreads the team out and lets Joe try and beat his man off the bounce. Didn’t work and State went the other way for a score. He’s just not that kind of player yet and it really shows against better teams.

What he’s very good at and could become great at is running off screens from the wings and baseline. I could tell he got tired last night and wasn’t cutting as hard as he usually does. I think we will probably see a better Joe after what happened last night.

I completely understand your frustration. Why no one turns in the cheaters? Perhaps it’s a don’t snitch culture among coaches, players, and institutions. Don’t tell what I’m doing and I won’t tell what your doing. But I believe those who engage in cheating will one day get thier. You can’t play in the mud without one day getting dirty.

But he does have a point. Why does no one report on these cheaters. Getting really tired of this don’t rock the boat mentality.

Yep, he just does not, at this point, handle the ball well. Sometimes it seems like maybe he’s not getting enough bend when he’s driving, but overall he’s just not a smooth guy with the ball. He’s got to realize that if wants to get paid well for any length of time, that’s got to change. Takes an awful lot of work to correct.

For now, less dribble drive and more spot up off screens and running to open spots off turnovers/defensive rebounds.

Believe they need to cut Jie’s minutes to 28 per game where it was last year. He needs to go in 7 four minute spells.

That is the problem. He cannot get around the defender to take it to the hole. If he could, he would. He knows what is missing. I can see him attempt to do just that.