Pretty incredible - appears that CSP has recruited not 1 but 2

of the best O-line classes for 2020 in the entire country. Gone are the days of the Hogs signing ‘project’ OL kids. Also gone are the days of the Hogs failing to get the football in the end zone from the 2 yd. line with 6 attempts against A&M - looks like we now have some road graders that even Bama wont want to play!

Those are the type guys with which you can win regardless of the offense you run.

I was at that A&M game and remember thanking the wheels are about to come off this team when you get stuffed 11 times from the 1. A sad, sad performance that foretold what was to come. Even with Petrino, I use to hate those 9 yd games, because I knew the next one will be near impossible. These are the type linemen that will make that all a bad dream.

It’s not just the having the ability to put the ball in the end zone form inside the 5 yard line it’s also having the ability to give a QB time to give you a true passing option in your offense.

Agree. Have grown so sick of defenses getting to the QB at the same time as the ball. Impossible to run an offense with that happening, or having the defensive players picking up your Olinemen and throwing them at the running back or QB. Try that with these guys and you will me mashed!

I am very optomistic, but I will wait a couple years to decide just how well we have done.

We also may see some good old pancakes blocks again!

Believe me, I don’t think you will have to wait 2 years to see a bad-a_s OL

They will play with an attitude.

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