Pretty happy

I remember Riva Ridge too. And an Oaklawn favorite No la Hacie, though I’m not sure of the spelling.

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Keeneland is definitely on my wish list. There’s UA grad that follows me on Twitter that has offered a tour to meet Afleet Alex, who’s my all time favorite. I plan to take her up on it.

Some buddies and I were talking about going to Keeneland after spring practice but the scheduled spring game on April 25 ended those plans. Hopefully next year. They actually tailgate before the races.

not an expect by any means but if you bet on a grey horse…you’ll make over 30 years of attending Oaklawn I have never returned in the red(unless it was the casino)it may be 2.00 or it may be 200.00 but I have always made money if a grey horse is involved…

Exactly what I always heard, bet on the grey horses. Especially when only 1 in the field.

The only racing advice I can give came from that old horse racing sage Sport Jackson…

Don’t bet on a horse if it as a lantern tied to it’s tail…cause it’s going to come in after dark.

Miss Sport Jackson. Ray was a talent.

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