Pretty happy

I got a tip on him and shared with several people. One friend won 1,800 while others hit for 1,300. Several others just shy of a 1,000.

I did well but not like above.


Did you sell off any stock lately?

Have not. Bought a good chuck about a week ago.

In 1993, I had a payoff like that on a horse named ROCKAMUNDO. He was also the number 9 horse. He won the Arkansas Derby that day. If memory serves me right, he went off about 108-1, and paid $218!! I bet $6 to win!
Winning that race got him in the Kentucky Derby.
There didn’t seem to have a lot of other people cheering that race!
Never been that lucky since.

That’s crazy. Why did you bet him?

I read an article on him in the ADG sports page. It was pre-race listings on the horses for that day. In the article it stated that he had a “bullet” workout prior to the race. I didn’t know a whole lot about handicapping horses, I was simply intrigued by that article and just decided to make a bet on him. No real insight other than that. I usually bet on long shots at least once every race that I make a wager on. Plain and simple, I just got lucky!!
Rockamundo died Jan 18 of this year at the age of 23.

Sounds like RD has been doing some insider horse betting. I nibbled on some cheap stock today and also bought some back that I had sold for a higher price a few days ago. The difference in what I bought it back for vs what I sold it for would be enough to keep me supplied with toilet paper for months. If I could find any.

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Interesting. I actually looked at Big Returns and was intrigued. The ML had him at 15-1 which isn’t outrageous but he kept going up, up and up after betting started heating up and ended up at 61-1.

He had won at Del Mar and Santa Anita and had some good workouts. Still amazed he went off at 61-1 but glad he did.

I haven’t been to the horse races in over 10 years. We moved up to Cotter in September of ‘18. We had a RV camping trip planned earlier this month, in Hot Springs and we were planning on going to OakLawn while we were there. That got nixed due to the Coronavirus. Maybe next year!

Nothing like a day at the track.

Right now, I’m just missing baseball!!

Ever have one die on you during the race? Back in the 70’s we picked a long shot sleeper named Oct Oil. Ahead coming into the stretch, he just fell over and died. The paper the next day said it was likely a heart attack. Oh well.

Have never seen that happen!! Glad I haven’t!

Same. Seen one breakdown. Turns your stomach.

By the way, speaking of heart, my favorite movie is Secretariat! A fantastic horse and a great movie. I watch it quite often. Along with Sea Biscuit. I still get chill bumps watching that horse come around the final turn to the music of, “Oh happy day”!!
That would have been a sight to behold in person!

Anyone remember Majestic Prince?

My favorite horse of all time was Chop Chop Tomahawk.

Never won a penny on him but to hear Terry Wallace make the call was wonderful. He had a special cadence that cracked me up.

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Before my time. My first Derby was Riva Ridge in 72.

Miss Terry. Great caller of the horses.

A fun small trip is Lexington, Ky. You can take a tour of several of the horse farms in the area. They have 4 hour and 8 hour tours. The driver is very knowledgeable. He takes you to the local track, and then to Seattle Slew’s burial place, with a statue of the horse. If you are interested in horse racing, it’s very informative of the business and training and horse buying sides of the business.