Pretty good game for Ty Storey

21-28 193 with 1 and 1 in the Toppers 20-3 win over ODU. I probably shouldn’t, but I’m starting to fear his return to RRS.

If we play like we did against SJS Ty will be singing “how do you like me now”

Happy for Ty. Good kid.

One of my favorite kids of all time is protecting him, Parker Howell, and I can never be against Parker. One of his running buddies who is even more liked by me is a walk on at UT and I would cheer for Chip and his individual success against anyone (hogs included). Maybe it is a function of me working at Vanderbilt for so long (the UN of the SEC), but my born and bred hard core allegiance to the Hogs has been shaken and I hope kids like Ty do well especially since it was not his choice to leave the Hill. We have really, really reaffirmed our role as underdog, but sometimes it is hard to blindly buy into the stuff that comes from the Hill these days. I like Yurachek and Musselman who have showed me more awareness of former success that I grew up on, but the football is another story That is all about perception by me so I am not claiming any insight into being right, it is just what I feel. I do like the role of underdog, but don’t see us ever getting to the success of the 60’s and 70’s ever again, because back in those days there would be a kid with Arkansas heritage who could make the season roll with more wins than expected. I cannot name that potential kid now. Western Ky should not be a challenge to us, but then again who the he double hockey sticks thought SJS could be. I wish success to Ty even as a Charleston alum (I’m a Booneville Bearcat fan), but losses for W Ky to us always.

Starter Duncan injured and out for the season, looks like Ty is the man. 2-0 as a starter.
W Kentucky hosts Army Saturday.