Preston Watts!

As the game was winding down, I was thanking another Liberty Bowl is going to be stole from us by bad stripes. Was Watts calling this game as well?


I was actually mumbling Preston Watts. Glad Suzi was already asleep. She’d call me a crazy old man again…


Aloha Jim,
My thoughts exactly!
I told my son about the history of Arkansas, the Liberty bowl and fumbles. Sure enough, with about 1:25 left in the game, presto!
For the life of me, I can’t comprehend how that call on the fumble did not get over turned.
And there is more! The holding by KU was atrocious but I think they received only one holding call.
At least the stripes didn’t mess with Little’s FG. That would’ve been another ugly flashback .
UA…Campus of Champions


At least Preston wasn’t letting the Tennessee offensive line tackle our pass rushers all night, or letting EME horse collar a pass receiver with the ball in the air without a call. Or go to the video monitor and think the video confirmed two egregious calls.

This was the worst officiated college game I’ve ever seen, bar none. Including in the same stadium 51 years ago.


I cannot get over how bad the Pac-12 replay official was on those reviews. Landers clearly did not fumble. Targeting is the worst rule in the book, but you have to be looking really hard to call it on McAdoo, especially in that moment and on that kind of play.


need to be severe consequences for the pathetic no calls on the holding and bad review nocalls,people need to be called out who were looking at that and seeing a fumble…


I was curious about the unsportsmanship penalty on Bryce Stephens, he apparently said something, but to get hit with fist and we are the only side guilty of poor sportsmanship. When does any words justify popping someone??? Should be been offsetting!!

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It was bad when it makes some of the SEC game calls look great by comparison.

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Gosh…I was wishing Marc Curles was calling the game…

Totally agree Matt. Q was trying to stop him from scoring and the kid is falling/moving…how was that targeting? On Landers, I thought his arm and hip were down before the ball popped out.


Yes , their left tackle literally tackled our defensive ends at least three times right in front of the referee with no call! Horribly officiated game all around.


Targeting on the goal line…what a joke. What is Quincy McAdoo supposed to do? just let the guy score and lose he game? The refs blew that call. The rule is a joke.

What did you expect in Memphis? Did anybody get their car stolen at at the game?


There was a call few saw that apparently was almost a fireable offense. I expect that this crew, particularly replay, is going to hear it from their graders.

I thought it was more like 30 than three. They held darn near every pass play, including at least one of our sacks.


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